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Hey, just got to thinking I should probably write a quick TR of my trip to Knoebels earlier.

I've never done the solo trip thing before, I guess I have never thought of it until this summer so I planned to do a couple, and this was pretty last minute actually, not deciding to go until the day before, so I roughly planned the times forgetting exactly how long it took to get to the park. I live sort of close to King Of Prussia, right along route 73, so getting to the park itself was not very hard at all, it was just shoot right down 73 west to 61 north, which intercepts 487 not too far from the park. Overall it turned out to be about 2.5 hours or so.

I got up at around 9:30, but I had to get to my work first to get my check and take out some cash and put about 30 in the tank, which took unexpectedly longer and i actually didn't really head out to the park until around 11, getting there around 2 PM.

It was really nice, went up to 90 or around there, no real clouds, but the parking lot seemed full. Inside the park, the crowds were actually pretty lite, but I saw the groups of kids and figured they scared some of the crowds away. It got somewhat more crowded later in the day, but never too much and there weren't really lines. I just walked around mostly at first, checked out the flying turns which is larger in person btw, and looks great! but also a decent amount to go, they were working on the 3rd lift when I was there and I kept checking all day). I first headed to Twister, which was riding well, then to Phoenix which was flying fast as always. No waits and I just walked onto the middle of both trains.

Most of my day consisted of hanging around the park, people watching, and getting some snacks here and there. The food consisted of Fancy Fries from the Wharf (heart attack fries anyone?) which is one of my favorites actually... Its a plate full of waffle fries loaded with melted cheese, REAL bacon (like, no bacos or anything), and then they give you ranch dressing to drizzle over. SO good lol, and it actually just about filled me up, $3. Other then that I also got a fudge covered apple (from Stony Gables, another favorite, and something I get every time), cheese on a stick (same lol) and a small soda. The flume geysers also ate about 3 bucks from me as well LOL (they have to be making some bucks from these, they're alot of fun and there were always people doing them) I also snagged another ride on Twister which was INSANE. It was fun earlier, but this was when it was starting to get dark out, and was riding incredibly fast, was in the middle of the train for that one as well.

Overall it was a great trip, and my first solo as well. It did seem odd at first, but I got the hang of doing what I wanted when I wanted. Obviously some rides are better with others, and I'm planning to go back soon, this was just a starter to the season for me. I figured Knoebels is one of my favorite parks, so why not start with it as my first trip alone. It was somewhat "lonely" I guess, but not as much as I thought it would be and it was still fun. I ended up leaving around 10 or so, long day. Overall, I only spent about $20 all day, and still had a great time. -Thanks for reading!

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Cool report, P18. That's the great thing about Knoebels. You can people watch and snack and just walk around without feeling like you got ripped off since you didn't drop 30-40 dollars just to get on the grounds.
Exactly! I didn't make it to the Alamo though, but the air conditioning (and the pool) seemed very inviting lol. I must have just stared at the water of the pool for a decent half hour, it looked soooo nice, and I haven't been in there since the new slides were built. Thanks for reading/posting Bear :)
No problem, P18. Let me know next time you're planning on heading up that way. If I don't have anything planned, I might be abel to meet you sometime. It doesn't take a lot of arm twisting to get me to go to Knoebels.
It wasn't very crowed at all on Monday. I ended up going after my aunt told me they were thinking about it and wanted my "expert" opinion on the crowds. It was the first time my cousin rode the Phoenix, he's 5. After they left around 3:30 I camped out at the bumper cars until close! :)
I went to Knoebles in 2001 and being only 9 then and in my horrible afriad of roller coasters phase missed out on a lot but still have great memories of the 3 hours I spent there on my way back home with my friend. When Flying Turns opens up I am defiantly going to go up there. Great trip report P18.

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P18 - - - > The way I look at may go to a park alone, but when you make mental notes and share them here, we're all kind of with you in spirit.

The best trip reports, in my opinion, are the ones that make me feel that I am re-living the poster's day with him / her.

I can't say I read every post, especially when I am knee deep in school work for my class, but I do go out of my way to read about the parks I know.

Thanks for taking me back.

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That's a good point Richie, and I guess that's the fun of posting TR's. You're very welcome as well.

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