Knoebels Pre-Season 4/13/05

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Whilst on a day trip through the PA countryside I decided to do my annual pre-season drive through Knoebels. I always enjoy seeing the park coming to life, and especially wanted to see the park post Whirlwind.

The most noticable thing is the void where the coaster once stood. There is nothing in its place, just the wooden blocks used to level it out. Also, the area out behind the Cub Cars/Gasoline Alley was full of parts of Fandango. Thats right, there are still no footers or any vertical construction. It does appear that the ride is going to be placed out there by the Phoenix. Unless they can get footers poured and the ride built in the next week or so it doesn't look like it will be opening with the rest of the park for the season.

The Flying Tigers was assembled, and is wedged in between the Whip, Skyride, and Galleon, and is surpisingly a park model! I really thought that the park would have stuck with the tradition of buying portable rides, so as to make winterizing much simpler, but this little ride looks really cool. Also it is a great nod to the Southern Columbia Tigers, the mascot for the school district just up the road.

As always I cannot wait for opening day, and I expect to be there for one of the first rides on the Phoenix!

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awesome, thanks for the news/updates. Judging by the parts on site Fandango looks bigger then I thought, and also looks to be a park model. Its also cool how Flying Tigers will be more permanent looking as well. I cant wait to see the new rides in action. That empty void where Whirlwind was looks really weird as well...
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Dang...was hoping to ride Fandango in two weeks. Oh well...I'll be back for PPP ;)
That is weird seeing the spot empty where Whirlwind once stood. I'm also a little dissapointed that Fandango wont be open next weekend. Oh well, I'll be back. Fortunately I live a lot closer to the park then I used to.;)

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