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So I called Knoebel's today (this is the first day they are taking camping reservations) to try and book a 'Cozy Cabin' for PPP...alas, it was already booked solid. We may have to resort to camping in a tent. I couldn't really find a price on the website for reserving a spot for a tent. Anyone know the price? Should I be worried about that booking up soon too? Anyone have some Knoebel's camping advice (and in particular PPP camping advice)? Thanks in advance.

This year will be our 8th PPP in a row and we've never stayed over or camped, so we figure it's time.

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I don't think you won't have any trouble booking a tent site for that weekend. It looks like they run a steep $42 a night.

Thanks 8.3; I had seen the $42 and just wasn't sure if that's what I was looking for or not. Sarcasm on the 'steep' or no?

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I've tent camped for a number of years at PPP, and they're usually booked solid long before that weekend.

It seems steep, but you can put multiple tents on the site, and when you split it with several other people, it's a no brainer.

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I wasn't being sarcastic but it's worth it. Camping at Knoebels is great.

I would think it would be freezing that time of year to camp. I've considered it but everytime I've done PPP it's been during Canadian Thanksgiving. There is a minimum two night stay, and because of Thanksgiving I can only ever stay the one. This year they are not in line... perhaps I will camp. lol

Just got that idea just now.

Also Camping at Knoebels is good times. I have been during the summer, and loved it. Don't have a portible stove..... Perfect! plenty of great food.

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My wife and I tried to camp during our first and only PPP and it POURED rain that year. We abandoned camping and got a hotel room nearby. It would have been warm enough if not for the rain. You just need decent gear and and a few layers.

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One of our first PPP events, we tried to camp (~2000-01). For Floridians, the rain and cold were just *way* too much. Of course, now that "hotelling" has become the plan, it seems the weather every year is just beautiful...

If you can't make HWN for whatever reason (slacker!) - then this is THE event where you can meet up with pretty much everyone in the coaster community and have a great time...

Have to wonder if KG could rescue that Anton shuttle from Kentucky? Hmmmm....

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