Knoebels Opening Day/Weekend?

Since the search feature isn't working for me...I have a question to any of those that can help me.

I'm going with my fiancee up to Penn State for a weekend...and she had made the suggestion that I could do a coaster trip while I'm there, since I'll probably be bored with her and her friends.

I checked the calendar compared to when Knoebels opens, and it turns out that it's opening weekend this year? Seeing as how it's my first visit (I really want to ride the coasters, and I'm not into spinny flat rides), what is it like opening day/opening weekend? Is it packed, or about a normal crowd? Or deserted?

Should I get the unlimited ride pass as well, or just pay per ride (i'm planning on hitting Twister and Phoenix more than once each)?

And...does anyone know if Flying Turns will be open by then? Or no?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

April 28th is Opening Day.

The RAD pass is going to be buy one get one both days. You can blow thru a $10 book in no time so if you plan on riding the coasters more then once I'd just go for the handstamp.

Crowds all depends on the weather, it can be light or fairly crowded but never as bad as a weekend in July or August. I've seen it both ways many times so you can't really judge it.

There has been no date given for the opening of the Flying Turns so it's hard to say it will be open or not. I'm thinking it won't be ready for opening day but thats just me.

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Based on the progress seen at this past weekends construction tour, I highly doubt it will be open for Opening day. But what do I know.

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The way I decide on whether to get a pass is by seeing how long the lines for the coasters are. If I think I'm in danger of dropping more money on tickets than I would on a pass, I get the pass.

Passes for days that they aren't open into the night tend to be cheaper than the price on the website, but you'll have to check when you go.

I don't know what the crowds are like opening weekend because I haven't been there then. Obviously if the weather is bad crowds will be smaller. I've heard they don't shut down the coasters for rain and in fact they run like crazy with wet tracks, but I personally wouldn't want to run into the rain that hard.

The last rumor I've heard about the Flying Turns is that they're pushing for opening day but it might be more realistic to plan for Memorial Day.

ARGGHH!!! I double checked with the fiancee...our trip is two weeks before that...I thought it was the week after. Nevermind, all...but thank you for the advice anyway!

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

Terrible timing... If it had been Easter weekend you could've snuck down to Hershey, but that's just a special occasion, they're closed the rest of April.

Opening weekend is always a blast. Sometimes a little cold, but fun regardless.
Aren't their handstamps reduced too for the first and last few weekends of the seaon since the park is operating on shorter hours? Or is the buy one/get one the only deal they offer?
Not sure. Knoebels is one of those parks where the prices are so low, I honestly don't even think about how much I'm spending because I know it's not going to be a heck of a lot. Sounds like that could be the case, though.

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