Knoebels Opening Day 4-29-06

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We got to the park at about 12:30. It was a perfect day as far as weather, and I think that’s why it was much more crowded then the past several years that I have been going opening weekend. Took about 20 minutes to get our ride band and we were on our way.

Looper - This was the 1st time I got to ride this. I was in a rush at last years Phunphest, and didn’t get a ride. One you get the rhythm its pretty easy to keep it flipping over the whole ride. My son and I both had a blast. We made sure to get another ride in before we left for the day.

We then headed to The Phoenix. One train operations made for longer then normal waits but that’s to be expected on opening day. Front seat ride! Gotta love it. The Phoenix always delivers! 2nd ride was a backseat ride. Good ride, but I prefer the front.

Fandango - I like this ride, but wish it would rotate more like Delirium does. Think they are more fun then the Claw(Chance model) that Hershey and Dorney have. It is definitely a good addition to Knoebels.

Haunted House - This is just a classic, and a must ride. I love how well they maintain this ride. What’s not to like about it?

Twister - I only rode it once to today in the backseat. It gave a good, powerful ride. I like how their woodies compliment each other. Definitely 2 very different rides, but both good.

We took a little break from riding to check out the gift shops, and eat some Cesari’s Pizza. Then we went and took rides on the Downdraft, Pioneer Train, Cosmotron, Scenic Skyway, The Flyers, Bumper Cars, Power Surge, Tilt & Whirl, Roundup, Merry Go Round, and a few re rides.

All in all a great inexpensive day. $21 for 2 all day ride bands. What a bargain, and plenty of fun to be had. The Log Flume was the only ride that was broke down when I wanted to ride it. No big deal I’ll get that later in the season. I noticed Dick talking to the ACE group at their pavilion, and would have liked to have heard what he had to say, but I am not a member of ACE. I didn’t want to crash the party. All those rides and we left the park at 6:35.

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Today was a great day at at Six Flags Snoozelandia. ;-)

Actually, it was cool being able to get up close to the construction site of the Flying Turns, and talk to Dick Knoebel, and some of the other construction crew about it's progress.

The 2 for one deal was actually better than the ACE day rate.

Coasterfantom2 said:We then headed to The Phoenix. One train operations made for longer then normal waits but that’s to be expected on opening day. Coasterfantom2***

Funny how nobody ever has a problem when knoebels does this, but if any other park does this God Forbid!

^That might be because, Knoebels has a way of keeping the line moving, even with one train operation. *** Edited 5/1/2006 1:25:56 AM UTC by Coasterphan***
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With all due respect to the always-stellar Phoenix ride crew what really helps is the PTC trains on Phoenix. They have only a buzz-bar. Riders do not have to fumble with seatbelts. The time it takes for a train to enter the station, empty, fill up with new riders, and be checked by the ride ops and dispatched is WELL under a minute. That means a line out and into the plaza still moves pretty rapidly.

And THAT is why Knoebels does not get knocked for single-train operation.

I agree with Mamoosh.
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The buzz-bars on Phoenix are pretty much the greatest things in the world. The gates open, you sit down in your seat, pull the bar down, and go.

Not only does it lead to wonderful ride (God what I would give to go back in time to relish Raven with buzz bars again) but the dispatch times at Knoebels have never been short of insanely fast.

Plus the riders mostly understand it too. No issues with storage of whatever riders carry around with them nowadays. No bins or things to worry about. Everybody understands which row they're supposed to get into, which shouldn't even be an issue, but for some reason is at some parks I've been at. No dilly-dallying or "farting around" just get in and sit down.

But yes, the best part is not having to reach under my ass to retrieve a seat belt that always seems to be set for Malibu Barbie sized riders.

Are you sure one train operation was due to opening day? I'v been told that single train operation is the general policy for POP days.
Yes... POP days = single train operation.

"Yes... well... VICTORY IS MINE!"
Ok, I think the only time I was there on a POP day was my first trip in 1993. What is the theory behind running only one train on POP days?


You have disturbed the forbidden temple, now-you-will-pay!!!

I am planning on going on Saturday 5/27. It's a POP day, and i've just realized that it's Memorial Day weekend. Hearing from you guys now that it'll be 1 train-op because of the POP, should I stay away that day?
SFAdv lover,

Absolutely not. Go! Have fun, everyone else will be at Holiday World.

The theory is that without each ride being individually paid for, there is less incentive to run the ride at full capacity.

But it is not a big deal. Lines are never prohibitively long.

I must add, for as much as I love Knoebels. I think the single train on somewhat busy days is just poor judgement on their part. I was up about 6 times last year, and at least 2 of the times the decision was made to run single trains on Twister. Lines were much, much longer than normal & it would be basically no cost to add the second train.

The trains are maintained either way, the staff is in place (just standing around between rides - other than main op), the lift chain doesn't stop between lifts, the brakes might wear a little, but from an operation standpoint there is extremely limited cost.

The park does so many things right that this is minor, but why not bother to fix it when it is so simple to make the crowd happy at no cost.


I have never seen the line for Twister extend even as far as the first landing below the station, no matter what day it was. But I guess that does qualify as longer than normal.

SFGAdv, the wait might be 15 or 20 minutes long with single train op. Late in the afternoon/evening, the line will be even shorter. I don't see that as a good reason to stay away. Do you?

On this past Sunday at 5PM it was the longest wait I ever had for Twister and it was still only a 6 train wait or about 15 mintues. Would have been longer for front or back car. Phoenix was down the ramp almost to the ticket booth around 5:30.

The good news - no one was waiting for The Flyers and never waited more than one cycle for Skooters.

The Looper seems to be a big winner - it had the longest line all day.

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It may be a 20 minute wait with one train but once they add the second train will shorten the line to a walk on in another 20 minutes. Why run two trains at half capacity all day when you can run one loaded and still get the same amount of people thru? At just about any other park a 20 minute wait is nothing.

It's rare but there are some days they do run two trains on POP days. In the last 5 years I may have seen it two or three times.

When will the Flying Turns be completed?

John Moore

Basicly Knoebels told us as soon as it's finished! They don't have a date set. Since one hasn't been built in over 50 years they are taking their time making sure things are done the best they can be.

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