Knoebels new drop tower for 2013

I'm not really that familiar with the different kinds to identify it, but Kozmo mentioned 147 feet yesterday.

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Nice. I'm excited about another fitting addition coming to Knoebels. The park has been doing a great job filling in with rides while we wait out the Turns.. First a classic dark ride/coaster and now a thrilling freefall. Knoebels really knows how to balance out their ride portfolio.

From what I gather reading through the Facebook posts, the StratosFear will be placed roughly across the roadway from the Twister access bridge. I wonder who the manufacturer is and if it's a new or rescued ride?

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I'm glad to see this! Some of those "not as expensive" drop towers I find more affective than the the more expensive/big name drop towers.

The one at Beech Bend in KY back in 2007 (not sure if the same tower is there now) had a very dead weight - drop feeling, similar to the first generation Intamin Free Falls (such as Demon Drop). Might not look as sleek, but they are very effective!

I like these types of drop towers. My Knoebels visit last June was was my first full visit in several years, but I won't head there in '13 based on this. If FT opens or PPP beckons, StratosFEAR will definitely be among my activities when I go, but I won't drive 3.5 hours each way based on this. I'm glad they're getting one, though.

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Based on the picture alone, looks a LOT like a Fabbri.

May have actually located THE ride:

Very cool. I'm so excited.

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I hope it's as close to being surrounded by trees as possible. I think it would be a nice visual to go up through the trees reaching the top, looking above the canopy and then drop back down through them.

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So is this going to be a Fabbri tower, or ARM tower? I've read both versions on the interwebs.

Although, all that really matters is that this won't be an S&S anything.

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Kozmo has confirmed that it's an ARM tower.

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They are also adding a submarine ride for the kids.

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How about submarine races for the adults? :)

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

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I was just looking at the facebook image, and they had a ride similar to that at the Allegan County fair. But, their version is probably much higher than the fair version, which I believe is 90 feet. If it is similar to the fair tower, it's a very fast ascent to the top, where you get a little pop of air, stop for less than a minute and fall. It also seems to fall pretty close to the bottom for the brakes kick in. Really great ride.Not quite as fast upwards as the shot side of Power Tower, but fast enough to be thrilling. I don't care for the other slow moving carnival style drop tower. The lift is boring, and the drop is short, as a good portion of it is brakes on the way down.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

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Beech Bend actually replaced their old drop tower with this model last summer--and it's GREAT! Easily one of the best (most terrifying) drop towers I've ever ridden. The carriage reaches the top and immediately drops like a rock.


Is(n't) the tower at Waldameer an ARM tower? It's short, but there is no pause at the top, so there's no warning before the drop. Scares the crap out of me 10x more than the much taller Pitt Fall ever did. Man that's a great ride, and if this one's the same - great addition for Knoebel's.


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Sweet! I look forward to it!


I'm just supprised they didnt build it out of pressure treated lumber and wrought iron hand forged by their blacksmith.

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Okay. That was the first great post from you, billb. Keep it up! :)

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We always thought Knoebels looked like some dude decided to build an amusement park in his back yard.

The whole place seems kind of suspect.

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Stricker's Grove near Cincy really IS "some dude decided to build an amusement park is his back yard." And it's seriously great...

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