Knoebels Mini Coaster Marathon 7/5/05

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Trying to destress from work we drove down agian to Knoebels late. My intent was to just grab at least one ride on Phoenix and Twister, and maybe a couple flats.

The crowds were very light, normal for a Tuesday, and we went right back the Phoenix. One stop to buy tickets, since it was already after 7:30 and I knew we would not need a sundown handstamp. A four train wait for the front row, and it was running great!

We then made our way to Twister, waited two trains, then one more dispatch before we were to embark. Then the sky opened up... and it poured! They still loaded us in, seeing that there was not yet any lightning, and off we were. As much fun as this coaster is in the dark, nothing compares to a downpour in complete darkness. I could not open my eyes, and the rain drops stung, but it was amazing. The coaster never let up, not even through the tops of the helicies.

The sky really let loose, and rides went down left and right due to lightning. We witnessed the Italian Trapese shutting down in mid-cycle, something normal in heavy rain. Seeing as we had not yet had supper, we headed to the international food court. Very good food, and a lot for the money. We killed about half an hour waiting for rides to reopen, and watching the park become a ghost town.

Just as we were going to make our last walk by Phoenix and leave it started to run again. Quickly we bought some dry tickets and RAN to the front row. Just us and three kids with wristbands. The ride was AWSOME!! I have not gotten an after rain ride in years, and nothing is better! The best part was returning to the station, loading the rest of the train, and the ride-ops asking if we wanted to go again. We asked if it was OK since we didn't have handstamps, but they said this one was on them. We tore through without the lights on, and I was happy to end my night with back to back front row rides. But it didn't stop there. FIVE MORE TIMES! Each time seemed more intense, and every time we stopped just long enough for the ops to ask if anyone wanted off. That has to be hands down the best time I have EVER had at ANY park! This is absolutely why Knoebels continually wins acclaim for being the best park! *** Edited 7/6/2005 12:09:18 PM UTC by phoenixphan :-)***

Real men ride wood... coasters that is!
Any word on the status of the Herschell Looper?



I was at the park as well yesterday for my Dad's company picnic. Phoenix and Twister were both running great. Did a few things that I had never done before like visit the Carrousel and Coal Museums and ride the little steam train. My Dad and I even both caught a brass ring. My first! We had heard that storms would be coming in later in the evening, so we left around 5 pm.

Jim, there is no sign of the Looper yet. There is just a sign up in the site of the former Whirlwind saying that the coaster is now in Costa Rica and that the Looper will be taking it's place. I only glanced at the site briefly but it looked like all of the footers for the former coaster were still in place. I would think that they would get rid of these before placing a new ride on the site.

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Where are they supposed to be getting the looper from? Thats not Whalom's, is it?
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John - its been in storage for some time now, along with quite a few other rides. I recall seeing it in the boneyard on my first visit back in 2000.
Does anyone know where I can find some pics of one?? I wanted to see what they look like. Thanks.

CP was amazing, going back next June to ride Maverick

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gurl - this is Chance Ride's version of the Herschell Looper. Inside each car is a clutch that, when engaged, makes the cars spin.
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Not exactly the same as "getting married on Borg", but I WILL be *engaging the clutch* on that Looper... :)
Cool, that will be neat to check out when Knoebels opens it. I was supposed to go to the park today, but I had to work. ):

CP was amazing, going back next June to ride Maverick

I'm curious whether the Looper they're installing could be the one that used to be at Lakewood Park. That park was located about 35 miles southeast of Elysburg right off of Route 54. It closed in the early 80's, so I don't know how realistic it would be for anyone to hold on to a ride like that for so long then put it back into service again. Then again, how many of these could there still be around, if it's originally from the 20s or 30s. And if anyone could do it, it would be Knoebels.

A number of the "Panther" cars in use now came from the same park, as well as the kiddie hand carts. It would be a real kick if the Looper were the same ride I knew and rode when I was a little tyke. I'll just have to see whether I can handle it as well this time around.

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