Knoebels HSTC Replacement Underway, called "Kosmo's Kurves"

The ride to replace the High Speec Thrill Coaster is finally under construction.

It is going to be called "Kozmo's Kurves" and does not follow the same layout as the old HSTC. Instead it has a helix in the middle, but still follows the same footprint.

Here is a picture of the sign and the layout:

Also they did manage to save the old roof from the HSTC station for use on the new ride.

I did not see any track or trains on site, but they did begin to start pooring footers.

Also in regards to the flying turns, don't count on anything before July 4th for trip planning. Although at this point it seems like very late season. The good part is the "re-construction" looks good, with Lift 3 coming along nicely and the new transfer tracks are in place.

Anyways, thats all for now.

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Is this an in-house project?


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Looks a lot like a Miler (Python Pit) to me..

It is a Miler, but reportedly made a little more intense since it's replacing the HSTC.

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It's a custom Miler.

Rcdb already has Kozmo's Kurves listed. Plus it's saying that Golden Nugget will re-open as "Black Diamond" (sounds like a nod to anthracite coal).

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Black Diamond, aka Golden Nugget, is slated to be built on the site currently occupied by the eagle exhibit. Once the eagles have been moved to a new site construction will begin.

That's near the Mining Museum and Int'l Food Court, isn't it?

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I think Black Diamond still depends on the park getting Flying Turns operational this season. If that happens, Black Diamond could happen in '10. If not, who knows?

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Correct. Opening Flying Turns is the priority. Black Diamond will happen after that.

Kozmo Knoebel's Facebook posted a picture of Kozmo's Kurves set up in the factory for testing:

Looks pretty sweet to me, for a family/kiddie coaster anyway.

Anyone have any Turns updates?

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Anyone know if they'll be using custom trains ala HSTC's?

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^Just guessing, Matt, but I think the park has plenty of work to do with KFT's trains, and will probably go with the standard Miler train(s) to prevent having too many "projects" at once...

Will this be placed over the boat ride like HSTC?

Yes. There will be 4 cross overs. It looks like the two existing supports from HSTC will remain, plus two additional sets of concrete supports have been built on top of the walls of the boat canal.

As a point of reference, the picture linked to in Camden's post would be looking at the coaster from the tracks of Ol' Smokey. Lift hill to the right. The little dip in the foreground probably will be placed over the canal. I'm not familiar with SOP for Miler coasters, but can we expect this to be a multi-lap ride like High Speed?

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Acoustic Viscosity said:
Anyone know if they'll be using custom trains ala HSTC's?

Those were custom trains? How could you tell? There were no other Overland coasters in operation.

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I didn't mean to imply HTSC's were custom, but rather would the new ride have cars like or even identical to those or, would they just use the standard MIler cars.

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The layout looks very similar to Ravine Flyer III, but with an extra dip in there. Should be fun!


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Is that one of the coolest looking kiddie coasters(family coaster maybe?) ever or is it just me?

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