Knoebels Grove 8/25/2007

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Started out with one of my customary long drives because i cannot fit a solid vacation in during the week with work.

Left at about 5 in the morning to make it there an hour before opening. Parked near the pavillions which actually worked out later as that lot seemed to stretch forever with cars.

Me and my mom started walking the park getting our bearings about us as we figured out which little paths to take for a good way to and from rides. It seemed rather confusing at first but well worth our time to explore. I found the ATM next to the hand stamp windows and withdrew some money to get my money for the ticekts of the day. Decided on a couple of ten dollar book of tickets for the both of us, and the last was used evenly between us.

Started off the day with Twister even though i know i should have heeded the call of the Phoenix, but there was a reason for it. Got in line and it opened about twenty minutes later, got on the second train of the day first seat even though i typically am not a first seat rider. I though it was a middle of the road experience, by far the helix under the station made this ride, with the flying underneath its structure. It also seemed to remind me of the Legend alot, with the layout dont ask me why, but after leaving the ride i heard someone mention Mean Streak, i just kinda laughed whether it was good or bad to them i dont know.

Next of course was Phoenix, one train wait. I thought the first time i didnt really get it. So i decided to ride again, further from the third seat and went back to the middle of the train. I left pretty darn impressed with how much airtime that coaster really had. Its definately the finest out and back i have rode to this point, and no other wood coaster matches that airtime period.

Fandango wa close and decided to give a swing. Just a standard Frisbee ride, good cycle, although i do prefer the Huss models over the smaller Zamperla this was.

Ahh the crown jewel of the day for me as far as rides not named Phoenix was the Haunted Mansion. They really use the surprise element with boxes with hands popping out and such, and the darkness also added to the ride being much scarier than some of the other dark rides i have been on. I seriously thought the alien type guy in the coffin in the grave yard was by far the funniest thing i have ever seen in a ride ever. Great ride.

Then it was a spin on a few other flats such as the tilt a whirl, the grand carousel, which i learned i still need practice at grabbing those rings. ( I only managed to grab 4) We also hit the whip up still my favorite nostolgic ride ride now, and only Pa seems to have em. There were a few other rides we rode, but we spent much of the tickets getting our kicks out on the Phoenix. Also stared alot at the Flying turns and thought what a great venture to persue, as they look really different when the wood is involved on a bobs or bobsled type coaster. Plus the wood just smells awesome as it is.

Overall i liked my experience there, and i can see why the park is a hit with alot of people, fair pricing and about about as many if not the most picnic pavillions any park could or would offer, which many were used as far as i could tell.

Resident Arrow Dynamics Whore

Nice TR and sounds like a good day, did you get another ride on Twister by any chance? I find it to be a far crazier ride starting around the afternoon and especially near the end of the night (of course after it's warmed up a bit). Glad you had a good time though, interesting about that Mean Streak mentioning too, lol. Fandango is also a Moser model, not Zamperla, although I know Zamp makes them as well so it's interesting to see Knoebels not go with them for once, lol.

Question about the Haunted Mansion though, to anyone who has recently gone, does the rotating barrel work? I can't remember the last time I have seen it spinning, but I remember its an awesome effect. I absolutely love that ride and I hope they have it or will have it working soon. I can't really tell from this video either:

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Hmm, I think the barrel was moving when I rode earlier this summer. The "waterfall" at the end wasn't though.
I was there last Sunday and the water was working. I think the barrel was, but I'm not sure, I wasn't really paying attention to it. It seems a stupid thing to have, I never felt for a moment that I would be rotating since I was in a car. I don't even remember the barrel being scary as a kid when I was terrified of everything else.

Rye Playland in Rye NY has a whip ride, but you are right, it isn't easy to find these anymore.

Sounds like you had a good day and you didn't even get all the good stuff. Did you eat at the park? That can be a highlight.

Whips in the U.S.

Rye Playland

Bushkill Park (what is up with this place?)

Dorney Park




Camden Park

Lesourdsville Lake/Americana (not like anybody can ride it)

Lakeside Park

Am I missing any?

Knoebels whip is sort of lame. Try the one at Rye or Camden for an insane experience.

Wow, 5 of the 9 mentioned are in PA.

I agree with mill. Knoebels' doesn't have much swinging and slapping on the straightaways. I like Dorney's much better. Knoebels also has the Kiddie Whip. How many of those are out there?

Hershey Park has the lamest Whip I have ever ridden. It also has strange newer looking cars, almost like some kind of bumper car shell conversion.

The floor is concrete as opposed to metal plating. The ride was absolutely horrid. This one's not a "Whip", they should rename it "Fabric Belt with Velcro".

Kennywood's is the best one I have been on that I can remember since West View Park days.

Dang, I forgot Hershey's. I didn't think it was really that bad. Not the best but far from the worst (that award goes to Lesourdsville Lake, which has even funkier-looking cars).

It's also worth mentioning that Hershey's is a rather new ride, whereas the others are vintage Mangels rides.

I found Hershey's to be a bore compared to some of the others I have ridden. The above statement doesn't leave me a bit surprised lol. (about it being the newest of the bunch) *** Edited 9/5/2007 5:12:50 AM UTC by P18***
Yeah, Hershey's is byfar the was a mistake to try to recreate the ride, and not do it the right way.

I hate to admit it too, but I like Dorney's better than Knoebels or Kennywood's rides. Dorney's is more forceful and I also don't like the cars on the Knoebels ride.

But, by far the best I've been on was the one at Bushkill Park...nice cars like Dorney's, forceful intense and extremely long ride cycle.

I wish Bushkill would reopen, any updates on them from anyone?

Bushkill park doesn't look like it will ever re-open. There apparently is an issue of $100k in back taxes being owed to the state.

I work down the street, and right now the place is just full of tons of over-grown weeds.

Sorry to say, but it doesn't look like there will be a retun of bushkill park. *** Edited 9/5/2007 5:17:48 PM UTC by MythMaker9***

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