Knoebels Bargain Night??

I'm hoping to hit up Knoebels this season. Last time I was there was in '09, and that was just a quick stop when I was in the area visiting somebody. I rode Phoenix and Twister, ate a sandwich, and split for my 3.5 hour ride home.

I was on their site today, scoping out a day that I have in mind to go, determining if they offer POP that day. That's how I prefer to go, and it is offered on my day.

But on the POP section of their price chart, it mentions a $10 Bargain Night. All rides are not included, but most are. It says Wednesdays and Fridays, and to see the on-line calendar for details. But I can find nothing about the $10 price, either on the calendar or anywhere else on the site. The day I wish to go is, in fact, a Friday.

Does anyone know exactly when this is offered? Is it every Wednesday and Friday? (I'd doubt that.)
Any info would be greatly appreciated by me and my coaster lovin' hindquarters!

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If I recall correctly, the "bargain nights" included almost all flats, but neither of the adult coasters (unsure about KK). I think it was most, if not all, Wednesdays and Fridays last year...

Seems like a perfect way for a "local" such as yourself to pound a bunch of flying skooter and bumper car addition to the food and at least an obligatory lap on Phoenix...

"Local??" Hardly. 3.5 hours.

I found out a little more. The $10 price is NOT offered every Wednesday and Sunday. Besides the woodies, it also excludes Black Diamond, Haunted Mansion, SkyRide and a couple others.

And sorry, at the risk of blaspheming... The Flying Skooters do nothing for me :(

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Other than for special events like PPP, the POPs are never good for the rides excluded on the Bargain nights. Also, Bargain Night is often crazy busy and difficult to even get $8 worth of flat rides in before closing unless you get there at 5pm. When the weather is good and there is a discount, expect big crowds. It's often cheaper to just use tickets unless you're gonna be there long enough to get your POP money's worth.

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If it's crowded, you'll spend as much as 20-30 minutes waiting in line just to get your handstamp and wristband. The only time they do POP on the weekends is when they aren't open weekdays (before Memorial Day and after Labor Day). I know it's a matter of personal preference, but I can usually spend 3-4 hours in the park and hit all the rides I want, but never spend as much on tickets as I would going POP. On weekdays, Knoebels also gives a 10% discount on tickets ($10 book for $9, etc.).

Another thing to consider Mike, is that during the week, Phoenix and Twister usually have only one train running. Now waiting for 5 or 6 trains is nothing compared to the waits in other parks, but for someone like me spoiled by the swiftness of Knoebels' coaster crews, seeing a train depart only once every 2.5 to 3 minutes drives me up the wall!

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