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I've been to Knoebels once before for like 2 hours. I only go to ride Twister and Phoenix before we left. I've been told to not miss the haunted house or bumper cars this time around. Anything else I shouldn't miss? We plan to spend most of the day at the park 11-6. Is it worth getting the all day pass or should I stick to ticket books? *** Edited 7/18/2007 5:08:42 PM UTC by Crashmando***


Buy the all day, if available, with the coaster option. I think there is a haunted house option also.

I am quite certain that I will be countered by at least 500 responses. It is a great park, but there are hundreds on this board that know much more than me.

However, when I was there last year getting the personal tour from DK, I couldn't possibly fit everything in, mainly the food. Just if you are hungry, stop and eat. Its all good.

We did get Pickles on a stick last year. They were good!


I don't think the Haunted House or the sky ride is included in the POP. But both are well worth the extra cost.

If you have time, check out some of the more unusual parts of Knoebels including the free carousel museum, mining museum, history museum, the bald eagles, sawmill displays, and some of the weird themed cottages behind the Roundup.

Also don't miss either train ride or the carousel (be sure to get an outside horse so you can grab the rings), and if your stomach can stand it, try the Looper.

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The Looper is something special. The flyers rock. And there are plenty of other classic/rare rides to check out.

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I prefer to stick to the tickets, mainly because I never seem to fit the time limits on the POPs to make it a favorable cost. Tickets on weekdays are %10 off. $20 in tickets cost $18 and I have never used more then 2 books on one trip.

Definitely check out the Flyers.

I was just at KG on Saturday with my elderly (they'd kill me if they knew i called them that) parents. They had never been to the park and we didn't rush through the park and still had plenty of fun.

POP is not available some days check the website to see if it is available.

Phoenix and Twister are alway great. I would add the Looper, Flyers, Haunted House, Skooters, and Grand Carousel as must dos. From there it goes to what types of rides your group enjoys.

The carousel museum can bring anyone memories from days gone by.

As for food make sure to sit and get something to eat, wether it be a few slices of Cesari's Pizza, or something from any of the food courts, or just a sandwich from one of the shops. It's all good. Food Network just did a show and named it the #1 place for amusement park food.

I hope these are helpful to you and enjoy your day at Knoebels.

Watch the tram car please....
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Ok, Monday - Friday they do pay one price plans. There is a $4 discount with coupon on Holsum Bread bags, and usually a Pepsi can discount.

Weekends are ticket only during regular season. However, most of my trips are on Sundays, and $20 in tickets affords me enough fund to last the day.

Must rides (other than the coasters): Haunted Mansion, Flyers, Cosmotron, Grand Carousel, Pioneer Train, Flume, and Tea Cups. If you can handle more extreme thrills try the Looper and Satillite, as the are a hoot!

Food, well Funnel Cake, Cesari's Pizza, Ice Cream at the Old Mill (Teaberry is my Favorite).

That is a typical Sunday for us at Knoebels, but feel free to explore the opportunities that await you!

I'll be going on a wednesday. I didn't see anything about them not having the pay all day thing on that day. I did see that Sky Ride,Haunted house are not included.

You guys are awesome thanks for the information.


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...and the spiral slide!

And play some fascination!

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Go, Have no expectations and you'll be plesantly surprised! Even amazed at some things.

Knoebels is FUN.

Other people have mentioned the Flyers, but if you've never flown a good set of these before, watch what other people are doing and try to imitate the one who looks like he's having the most fun. You'll hopefully figure out what I mean when you see it.

Nobody has mentioned the High Speed Thrill Coaster yet. It's a kiddie coaster, but it's open to any adult who can fit in it and the operator won't look at you funny. The reason to ride it is that it's the world's most aggressive kiddie coaster.

Phoenix has the best airtime in rows 1, 3, and 12, but 12 can bang you around sometimes. Twister is smoothest in the front, and watch the turn into the helix, it's usually rough.

If you're only staying til 6 you might not get your money's worth out of a wristband unless you ride nothing but coasters and don't wait for the front seat, because all the other rides are cheaper and the coasters probably won't be running two trains on a weekday -- and don't forget you'll want time to eat, visit all the attractions Millrace mentioned, and gawk at the Flying Turns. (Unless the Flying Turns is open, and then I don't even want to think about what the wait time will probably be.)

Fandango, Antique Cars, Merry Mixer (a scrambler with 4 arms instead of the more familiar 3), Downdraft. Plus you have to check out construction on the Flying Turns. More impressive in person than in pictures or on the webcam.
The Flying Turns construction is more impressive in person, and the ride itself seems larger. Also nobody has mentioned this but if the Crystal Pool isn't too crowded and if you have the time/are into it, it's very cheap and a good way to cool off for a bit. The slides are alot of fun and the pool water is very refreshing (if a bit on the chilly side at times). Otherwise the Flume and Sklooosh are alot of fun if you want to get wet.

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It's the one place (I've found) where you don't have to run from ride to ride. You can take it slow and you should.

I find myself stopping to look at one of the brooks or bridges or to just chill out. There are very few parks that offer this type of feeling.

That is big part of the charm for me. That and the potato wedges!

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

You don't say how many people "we" are, but I think on a weekday, if you go to the Rides Office (that's the building directly across from the Flyers), you can purchase $100 worth of tickets for $85. For 3-4 people, that's a good deal, and probably beats the POP. For 7 hours or so, I think you might make out better with tickets, since I don't think you'd spend the equivalent amount you pay for the POP.

Richie Reflux said:
It's the one place (I've found) where you don't have to run from ride to ride. You can take it slow and you should.

I find myself stopping to look at one of the brooks or bridges or to just chill out. There are very few parks that offer this type of feeling.

That is big part of the charm for me. That and the potato wedges!


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Flyers, baby!

Actually, do as much as you can. One thing I love about Knoebels (besides it being one of my favorite parks) is there is SO much to take in, and nothing to be missed!

The Haunted House is fun, the skyride is one of my favorite rides in the park!

Personally I would get the all day deal so you won't have to spend more money. Tickets can be cumbersome, but that's only my opinion. ;)

If you just plan on riding a few rides then tickets would be your best bet, but like I said there is so much to do and see!


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Knoebels is truelly a small park resort (Camping resort) We stayed there four nights one year and hit several other attractions in the area on a couple of the days. What was nice about that is when you got back to camp, Got done with supper, you could pay per ride and get a few of the things you wanted to do in each night.


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