Knoebels 9/25 WOW!!

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I took a 4hr. drive to Knoebels today. The main reason that I wanted to go was the Phoenix. I was told that it is the best woodie around. Now i've ridden a lot of woodies, but the Phoenix was the best. The ejector airtime was amazing and I thought that the ride was smooth.

I also wanted to ride the Twister. This was probably the best twister coaster that I have ever ridden. I was suprised to find a decent amount of airtime throughout the ride. It was also smoother than expected.

Knoebels was definately worth the price and drive, mainly because of the Phoenix, and I am 100% sure that a future trip to the park will be soon. It's just that fun!

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It would be hard for it not to be worth the price.(Free Parking! Free Admission! Free Unlimited Pepsi and Sunscreen.... no wait...)

Glad you had fun. Can't wait to get back there someday and spend more than the 2 hours I spent last time.

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Glad you had fun! Although I don't like the park as much as others do, Phoenix and Twister are first class coasters. I would go as far as to say that Twister is one of my favorite rides.

Did you ride the Haunted Mansion? It is incredible; there is nothing like it. I've rode that a hundred times, and it startles me every time.

What about the Sky lift? The ride is long and relaxing, and the view is amazing.

If only they would make the park more "parklike", I would try to put Knoebels higher on my list of parks I love. It's a cross between a country fair and Lakemont Park. I think that's what some people like about it, but that's why I do not.

What did you think about the parks layout?

Were the food service employees nice or rude?

Was the park busy? How long were the lines on the coasters?

I'm glad to see another one join "our" side. ;-)
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The park layout reminded me of a county fair which I liked.

The food was good and the employees friendly.

And the whole parking lot was full, and the coasters both ran two trains.

This is just another park to check off of my list. Next year is Lakemont, Hershey, and Dorney. But i still want to ride the Screechin Eagle. Too bad Lesourdsville is closed.

X, also known as the death of Arrow Dynamics.
Intamin AG, slightly ahead of our modernized times.

I was at the park on sunday as well (all weekend as a matter of fact) The park was very busy, but not too crowded. The "new" Looper is very popular, with a long line as well as a lot of folks watching. It is also tons of fun. The HSTC is finally getting a paint jobs, the supports are now a glistening white, and I am sure the track will not be too far behind.

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If only they would make the park more "parklike"

The fact that it is not more "parklike" is part of Knoebel's charm. They've been doing it right for more than 75 years...I don't see any reason for them to change now.

My feeling exactly. Does every park have to be a theme park? Personally, just the fact that it is for the most part tree covered sets it above most parks which seem to simply be set up in the middle of a field. It has a charm that screams classic amusement park, one that few other places have (though Indiana Beach comes right to mind). It is full of these little touches that usually go unnoticed, but when you do you think "OHHH, that's clever." The Knoebels family takes a very non-corperate attitude to their park, which I find refreshing in this day of the steralized concrete paradises that you find at the Cedar Fairs or Six Flags. Some people like it, others don't. That is OK.

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Junkie and Cyclonic, glad you both had great times last weekend.

I guess I'm used to the look of the park since I've been going there since the late 60's. "When I was young..." you used to enter the park where the turnoff is for the campground/ lumber yard. You drove over the bridge next to the pool, right in front of the Alamo takeout, and right where Power Surge is now to get to the parking lot. That same road tied into the road that runs alongside the parking lot.

The only things on the "other" side of the road were the Merry Mixer, Pool and the Train. That cracks me up, since so many people complain that the MM looks like a temporary carnival ride. Well it's been sitting in that same location for almost 40 years.

When I think about it, yeah, Knoebels could install concrete and brick pavers all over the place, and then what? They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions, and what do we get out of it? "Atmosphere" that we'll have to pay for with higher ticket and food prices. No thanks, keep it just as it is.

And that is the thing about it. The park doesn't have to create "Atmosphere," it already has it. They don't have to add concrete pavers, pretty park benches, fancy planters, antique lights or any of that stuff, it is all already there, but in a different way. It is there in the hand crafted way, the way generation after generation loves and cares for their own special place. That is what gives Knoebels its atmosphere. But I am rambling. No matter what you think of the look or feel of the park, they still have some fantastic rides.

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