Knoebels 9/12/20

Sunday, September 13, 2020 12:42 PM

I made my second visit to the park on September 12, 2020. As it would be on a Saturday, the park was slammed. Nothing was walk-on, unlike my previous trip. Impulse had a 1-hour wait consistently all day, so I didn't get on that.

I arrived at the park at about 3:30, I wasn’t there for the 12 o'clock opening, but I still had 4 hours and 30 minutes of ride time, the first thing I did was get an unlimited rides wristband, which is about $40. I then headed to my first ride.

After getting my wristband, I headed over to Twister since I thought it would be walk-on. I get to the ride and there is a line outside the queue and the queue is closed off. Something interesting that the park does is close off a ride's queue when it is getting cleaned. Like all the coasters at Knobels, it was running 1 train :( Was about a 5 minute wait and seats are assigned now with COVID-19, and I got the front row. Was exactly as I remembered it, it was a fun and smooth wood coaster! It ranks 22/74 for me.

The next ride was Phoenix and I waited about 10 minutes minus the train cleaning and I got the back row. The buzz bar still allows for insane ejector airtime and you're guaranteed to completely lift off the seat. It's also very smooth considering it was built in 1946 and relocated here in 1985. It ranks 8/74 for me. I also think it got a new sign

I ate a Burger and Fries at a food stand right next to Phoenix’s entrance and it was surprisingly good!

I then headed over to Impulse and as I stated before, it had an hour wait all day consistently. Heres some advice, if you go to Knoebels, do Impulse first if possible. It is the lowest capacity ride and usually runs 1 train. I also don’t think this is worth an hour wait. This is also when most of the ride lines started getting long. It ranks 52/74, it’s not bad, but it’s decent, it does have excellent hangtime!

I then went back over to Twister and waited about 20 minutes and once again got the front row. After that I went back to Phoenix and waited about 40 minutes and I got the 9th row. At this point it was already 7:30, so I headed out.

Overall I thought the park was great during COVID times. Social Distancing could have been a bit better in queues, but everyone had their masks on and I didn't see one guest complain to a staff member about the policies. I didn’t appreciate the long waits, but that was my fault for going on a Saturday. I think what the park needs is a new coaster, maybe an RMC Raptor clone where the Shoot the Chute ride is at the front of the park, then in maybe 20 years they could RMC Twister.

Thursday, October 15, 2020 5:44 PM

Fazcoasters said:

"... in maybe 20 years they could RMC Twister."

No. A park who's owners also own a lumber company won't let RMC anywhere near their creations. But a new ground-up RMC isn't out of the question, just probably not for another 5+ years. With Impulse joining the lineup, I can't really see Knoebels adding another big coaster anytime soon. If anything, maybe they'll stay true to preserving nostalgia by relocating and bringing back a Jet Star type coaster?

Sounds like you had fun, but did you ride any other rides other than Phoenix and Twister? If not, it doesn't sound like the $40 wristband was worth it!



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