Knoebels 8/19-8/20

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 11:11 AM

We went up with 3 other families (14 people total)

Purchased 6 ticket book vouchers at Weis on the way up. $96 for $120, win!

Purchased 4 more yesterday because they were calling for rain, and didn’t want to get stuck with a bracelet for a park with no rides operating.

Parking lot was more crowded than I have ever seen, parked in row E.. never remember parking back that far.

Really liked the retracking on Twister, I don’t remember ever power riding it, but it rides great now.

Row 3 on thePhoenixis still my favorite spot (and was only a 1-2 train wait). Although sitting in the back and watching everyone sequentially fly out of their seat going over the bunny hops is a good change of pace.

Phoenixretracking wasn’t as noticeable to me, because it rode so good before, but it’s good to see them being proactive with such a great coaster.

I was a huge fan of the Golden Nugget, but my first ride on BD fell a bit flat. We were in row 1. Noone else wanted to ride it again, but Monday my son and I rerode in row 4 and you really do miss a lot of stuff sitting in the front IMO. I would ask the ride op to ride row 3 or 4 if you get stuck at the front of the line. You really do need your head on a swivel, a lot of the stuff is real subtle or not lit that well (barrels falling over, mine timbers cracking etc) the rotating tunnel brought back memories.

The old dude running the skooters sounded exasperated with people who didn’t know their left from their right, or weren’t stepping on the pedal while turning the wheel LOL. Jack (I think that is his name) is hilarious… “Turn the wheel left sir!” Those things really are a blast. My friend thought he chipped a tooth, but it turned out to be a false alarm. Our entire group took 5 or 6 laps.

We got on the Flyers with a couple of pros, who had the things snapping so good, they kept slowing the ride down, but gave us a longer cycle to make up.

Wasn’t that hot out so we didn’t do Skloosh, but we rode the regular flume, and got more wet on the little drop during the boat ride portion than the main drop at the end.

I normally cant do spinning but talked one of the adults to ride Looper, he damn near got sick, but I didn’t think it was that bad, because you are only spinning on one axis, and not several like the Monster at Dorney.

If I lived near Knoebels, I think I would look like an NFL nose tackle…tried a bunch of different stuff this time instead of my usuall burger/fry pizza trio Alfredo Pasta, Pork Chop on a stick, Pizza Logs, Ribs, Pulled Pork, cheesecake on a stick all of it was good.

Really the bar isn’t that high for amusement park food. Knoebels just puts a little effort into it, hence all the awards. I think people tend to exaggerate how good it is though. It’s very good, for amusement park food.

Friends were all amused that Black Diamond required a seatbelt but everyone’s rearend was up out of the seat on thePhoenix.

Monday it rained all afternoon, but no lightning. Only Wipe Out and Galleon were closed from what I could see. Got some really great laps in various seat positions on both Twister andPhoenixin the rain and rode a few flats. All in all a fun trip.


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