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Wednesday, August 18, 2004 7:13 PM
The Drive from Cleveland to Knoebels was about 5 hours and we arrived there about 2. The drive was not bad except the PA interstate system could be the worst of the 20 so states I have drove through. Apparently it in necessary to knock 10 MpH off the speed limit 5 miles before the construction zone even begins. Oh Well.......

I really like the whole location and set up of Knoebels. Just walk right in, no gates or anything to mess around with. We purchased a $10 book of tickets for $9, which ended up being plenty for the 4 hours we were there. You can’t really beat the price!

Being a before of the last weeks of August it was packed, but we expected it. The parking lot was nearly full. Also the weather was beautiful, sun and warm with a nice breeze. Although it was crowded, because there is so many rides at Knoebels (which surprised me) it was not that bad. First on the list was.

Twister- I really liked this ride. Provided some nice laterals and pops of air in certain spots, in general a good mix for a wooden coaster. Was fairly smooth and the nicely padded two bench PTC’s ran the course well. station architecture and overall look of the ride added to the appeal (8/10). After a brief stroll around the park we were heading to phoenix but saw no line for the Whirlwind so we jumped on.

Whirlwind (vekoma looper) is in pretty bad shape. It needs a paint job very badly as it is more rust/dirt than paint left it seems. Also the overall “portable look of the ride makes it look worse off. The ticket collector wasn’t there so we got a free ride :). The best part of the ride was a little jolt and jerk and stop the train did at the top of the lift. It was surprising...... Most of the time I was hanging and banging upside down or side to side against the harness. Not very fun (1.5/10)

WE then made or way back to Phoenix, which I noted the atmosphere of the park. There is a organ playing in the area around Phoenix, and that combined with the smells of the good food added a nice touch.

Phoenix about lived up to it’s expectation. First we rode in 1-3 and WOW, good pops of air on every hill. We then rode in the back, which I actually preferred a bit better. It carried a bit more speed and out of control feeling over the hills, and there was some awesome “up and side” air (which I prefer over just going up and down) over the hill after the second turnaround. My favorite “element” on the whole ride was the double up-double down. Why are there not more of these on coasters! I remember always putting them in my coasters in no-limits and always wanted to try one out, and it was awesome. 3 great pops of air in very little space. :) (8.5/10)

I was impressed how fast they loaded the coasters, faster than the majority of parks. Dispatch intervals for the two wooden coasters were always less than 30 seconds. My only complaint was despite the large crowds they were only running one train on the two wooden coasters. The line for Phoenix was spilling out onto the midway. Still waits were only 20-25 minutes.

Knoebels also has a nice collection of flats, so there is plenty to do. The food and drink quality /selection is excellent too. I had a Gelati (Italian ice and custard), which was one of the best frozen treats I ever had, and some fires and they both great and reasonable priced.

On our way out I purchases a Knoebels shot glass and a Phoenix patch for $5, and they are pretty nice. My friend bough a “birch beer”, because he collect beer bottles. We had no idea what it was, and it ended up being a pepto bismal flavor soda. It was quite funny.

I really enjoyed Knoebels, and will be sure to stop back again. Hopefully next time it wont be so crowded, as I would not mind spending a whole day there. We left at 6 for out Hershey park preview night, which is next.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004 9:08 PM
sounds like you had a nice quick trip and glad to see you had a good time, but you must make it back for the Haunted Mansion, Flyers, and Skooters!:)
Friday, August 20, 2004 2:00 PM

Joe E. said:which was one of the best frozen treats I ever had, and some fires and they both great and reasonable priced.

How were the fires? Hot and spicy?

Sorry. That's my second smartass comment today.

btw, Pepto-Bismol is wintergreen flavored. Mmm, I love it.

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