Knoebels 7/3/07- The more I come here the more I like it.

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We left the Red roof Inn in Danville which got the job done (we were only in the room for probably 9 hours anyway) and got the park about 10:30. I pulled a alight Griswald slip not even checking the park hours thinking the universal 10 am opening. However Knoebels is not your typical park I guess one should not expect typical hours ;). It wasn’t a bad thing since we avoided some major traffic delays due 487 into Knoebels being closed to 1 lane. Someone at PennDot needs there heads examined. Why would you schedule a project on a road to a major tourist destination in prime season?

Since we were early we walked around for a bit. Last year I expected them to have the Turns open buy this time but looking close you can just see how technical this ride really is. The structure itself is very impressive and a few of the drops look pretty intense. I really doubt it will open this year as there seems much work is left but here is hoping for next year.

Right before opening there were many people buying the all day wristband. We ended up getting two $10 books each ($20 worth) for $18. We stayed till 5 and riding the coasters multiple times and numerous flats along with the skyway and haunted mansion which aren’t included with the wristband. Unless someone plans on riding constantly open to close I don’t see the value in the wristband. It was nice just to take our time picking out rides that looked fun and leave when we were done not worrying about getting all $34 out of the wristband.

First up was Phoenix, which while I don’t get why is rated so high is one of the more fun coasters around. While not really intense the little pops of air on every hill makes me giggle. I suppose the single positions at lack of seatbelts have much do with it why it’s rates so high in enthusiast circles. To me all of the better out and backs like CP’s Blue Streak, GL’s Dipper, Greats Escapes Comet, etc are all in the same lot not far off from each other.

We rode the Flume a few times, and this is one of my favorites. The first part is out of control at some points banging around the trough and the tunnel is a nice touch. Add a nice sized drop and it’s a winner. Every park needs one of these, and it’s sad to see them disappearing.

Through the day we grabbed whatever food sounded good all while keeping an eye out for some of the suggestions that were given. Everything was delicious and fairly priced. Chicken Fries, Perogies, Facny Fries, and a huge spool of cotton candy are just to name a few of the things we got. Eating itself seems to be an attraction here as they seem attracting many who just come to eat. I would guess they go on high volume with and fair margin. If I was a local I might show up once a week to take a couple of spins on Phoenix and Twister and eat.

After down on perogies we hopped over to the Haunted Mansion which was great as always. The scenic skyway is well worth the $3, as the view down is incredible. The Ferris wheel also provides some great views, however the loading process was pretty goofy. The loaders ended up loading 5 gondolas and 3 on the other and proceed to say they forgot how to count :). Fandango is fun but kills my shoulders being close to 6’5”, I wish they would have gone with a Huss version, those are comfortable for me.

Also I took my first flight on Knoebels flyer as before on my visits the lines were lengthy. I can see why this is rated so highly, as my tub went up vertical and stalled I though I was going to wack the trees and fall out, which scared the crap out of me- Awesome :). I had so much action even at the end my tub was swinging a good 5 feet back and forth even with the ride stopped. The operator had to run over and grab my tub for me to get out.

On over to Twister, which I prefer to Phenoix by just a hair. The Ride itself is so unique with the double lift and pretty out of control which is my style. Great laterals a surprising pops of air. I also love the turn around into the drop as it provides fantastic views in the center of the valley.

After a few rounds and re-rides we stopped in at the Museum before we left. The time line was fascinating and you learn a great deal about the park and it’s history. The more I visit the more I like this park, as it’s something special you just can’t find anywhere else. Everything from the valley setting, the rides, and the food are just outstanding. The atmosphere here just cannot be beat.

The only complaint was my friend disliked the lack of locks in the ladies bathroom, but I just said hey they are free ;).

We left Knoebels around 5 with a giant spool of cotton candy in hand to catch the Preview at Hershey. The back up on 417 meant it took us 20 minutes just to get to 58, which was not cool. Once past that though the drive down 58 and 83 is stunning.

Next up, Hershey Park!

Cool TR. Always nice to read positive reviews about Knoebels from out-of-staters, and good to get your perspective on things I often take for granted as a frequent visitor.
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The family restrooms have locks. Glad you had a good day. I was there on the third, couldn't have asked for better weather.
You answered your own question.....

The reason The Phoenix rates so high on people's lists is that it is one of the more fun coasters around!

.....and NO seatbelts!

Keep the small parks alive!
Nice TR.

The bathrooms are my ONLY complaint of Knoebel's. They are the worst amusement park bathrooms that I've ever experienced. Is there one set in the park that is somewhat decent? I believe I've only ever used the one in the front.

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Food Network's George Durant just had a special on park food. The two parks he named? Dollywood...Knoebels. Can't argue with that... :)

He profiled Twister at Knoebels. Sweet! Every time I leave the park, I start thinking about "what do I need to do first next time I'm here?"

I need to get there again in the SUMMER months...just the drive TO the park should count as an "attraction"... ;)

Edit: Had to say, just looking at the park OTHER parks list "flyers" under thrill rides...or family rides? Just curious... :)

edit again: Having seen the replay of the show, there were three parks featured - the one before I tuned in was WDW....there's good food all over the place there (here?), just pick wisely.

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