Knoebels 7/2/05

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After neglacting to visit my "home" park, we made the drive down and arrived around four o'clock. I noticed the park seemed to be crowded, or at least that is what it seemed from the number of cars.

First thing was the Fandango, but on the way we stopped by the site now emptied by Whirlwinds removal. I noticed a sign, Kozmo's News Notes," Whirlwind has found a new home, and we are planning on building a vintage looper ride on this site for the current season. Don't wprry there are bigger plans for the future." I wonder what.

Anyway, we waited two cycles for Fandango, longer than I ever waited for Whirlwind, and it was awsome! This ride really kicks, and the cycle is better than on the Chance/KMG rides at Dorney and Hershey. A great new addition, as well as being in a great location out past Phoenix.

We avoided Phoenix for now, seeing that the line was long, and there were preparing to add a second train. We opted to ride the flume, and I have always though that this is one of the best with the natural surroundings.

Phoenix was now running two trains, so we go on second row. This coaster never gets old. The airtime is as intense as ever, and managed to get two more rides before we left, on back, and one first row. Always has been, and will be my #1 wood!

Twister was running two trains, sort of, since they were only loading one. Even then there was no line. I still feel this is the best twister style woodie out there, and still the tallest wooden coaster in PA. (Post Hercules that is.)

We hit the bumper cars, always a great ride, Italian Trapese, Skloosh, Power Surge, Haunted Mansion (first time through with my eyes open! LOL), Pioneer train,

Sounds like you had a good time. I was supposed to be going on Wednesday, but I can't now. I was there a month ago, and the park was dead, no line for anything.

CP was amazing, going back next June to ride Maverick

I'm going to try and go to Knoebels for the first time next week. Just wondering if the Phoenix is better in the front or in the back? Thanks.
Front on Phoenix is better... 1.3 to be exact.
S&S, you'll have to find that out for yourself. Personally, I'd always gone for the back until this year, but this year all but one ride has been in the front car. It's all good.
Thanks for the help. The reason I asked is because I will be there with the whole family which means my wife will have to be with our 3 year old and 6 month old. This translates into 1 ride, maybe 2 on each roller coaster since she has to watch both kids while I ride.

It wouldn't be so bad if she wanted to ride, then we could trade off, but she's not a huge coaster fan. I love that she supports my crazy hobby though and only 3 more inches and my son will hit that 42 inch mark and then he could ride all the coasters at Knoebels with me. Almost there.

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