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Yesterday, my brother and I got out of school early, met everyone at my Nana's, and then we were on our way. We got to the park at about 2:15. It was dead. I have never seen it like that. Got our spot under the pavillion, and then we were off to get our handstamps.

First, we hit up Phoenix. It was about a 2 train wait, with one train operation. Ride ops were amazingly fast. Great ride as usual. My bro and cousin sat front row, I sat behind them.

Next, Twister. Even shorter line for this. Got the front car on this with my brother. My cousin sat behind us. Then we did another run on this.

Phoenix again. Love this ride.

Third, Paratrooper. Same as usual. It used to be better when you could kick the trees.

Log flume. Nice and refreshing.

Then, Haunted Mansion. Fun ride. The three of us sat together, with my cousin in the middle, because she was scared. Absolutely no one was on this ride.

Phoenix and Twister again. Then Phoenix again. ;)

Next, met up with the rest of the family and did the Antique Cars with my cousins.

Then, Fandango. It was my first time on the ride, and I enjoyed it a lot. My cousin and I went on twice.

Twister again, then lunch.

Went over to kiddie area, did bumper cars and the Thrill Coaster. Got my cotton candy and left.Overall, awesome day. Extremely light crowds, and nice weather.

Knoebels- 4/28

I have to wait until my niece and nephew visit in July to get to blow off a day of work to do a weekday at Knoebels. Sounds like a lot of fun coastergurl. Glad you had a good time.

P.S. Say hi to your Nana.

Yea, it was fun.....I will. ;)

Knoebels- 4/28

Weekdays at Knoebels rock! I love the bargin nights on Wendsdays and Fridays. They tend to get a larger crowd but it's still noting to complain about. Any other weekday is usually very light crowds, I'm amazed that they actually make money being open 7 days a week!
They probably make money just on food alone!

Weekdays at Knoebels rock!

Dude, all days at Knoebel's rock...:)

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I usually avoid Knoebels like the plage on Saturdays. Considering weekdays I can get on anything in about 10 minutes or less weekdays, why should I go on a Saturday and wait 15 minutes or longer unless I'm meeting people from out of town. Sunday after 6pm rock too the park clears out so there is no waiting althoughit does get a bit expensive unless you have a few friends on the inside! :)
Was up at Knoebels this past Sunday, 6/12. Didn't go until later in the afternoon, around 5, because of the heat. Had a whole crew of mostly older family members along, so I knew right off there wouldn't be THAT many coaster rides.

A cousin of mine from eastern europe was with us. He had never been at a park like this before, so it was a unique experience for him. (Once I got to see one of their parks. There's no way I'd ever get on any of the rides in that place.) Unfortunately, he hates heights, so that took out a lot of rides right from the get go. The ride lineup was more like Merry Mixer, Train, Antique Cars, look for fish in "da crick."

I did get two rides on Phoenix with one of my aunts and uncles. We watched fandango for awhile, but I never did get to go on. I'm still not sure about the belt situation. I'd rather ride again once I'm sure the belt will close on me. But I think I'm closer, if not there.

My aunt and I did talk my cousin into going on the log flume, and I talked my aunt into going along. Funny thing, when we got to the deck, the ride was stopped-- logs were sitting midway up both lifts, a few stacked at the top of the final drop and some even stopped between the bottom of the drop and the exit. And they were stopping people where they collect tickets along the ramp.

The story we heard from people on the observation deck is that a mother and daughter were on the ride and just decided to get off-- where I'm not sure, but I have to think it was going up one of the lifts. Luckily the ride ops saw them and stopped the ride immediately. Incredible! What a time to decide you don't want to be on the ride. It just took quite some time to get everyone else who was stopped along the way through and off. Then they sent a few empty logs through just to work out the spacing again. So I guess that was our extra excitement for the day. Was anyone else in the park that day who saw or heard about this?

Of course no day at Knoebels is complete without eating, so 7 of us split a pizza with white birch beer all around (Mmmmm). A stop at the Ice Cream Stand and the last spin of the night on the Giant Wheel rounded things out (pun intended). Only downer was since the park closed at nine, many of the rides never bothered turning their lights on. Oh well, there's a whole summer ahead for that.

Wow, you must be seriously out there to just get out of the boat, going up the lift. Wow.

Knoebels- 4/28

I probably saw you there. I was there all day on the seventh. It was a great day. Glad you had a good time.

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Yea, you probably did. We were there until close.

Knoebels- 4/28

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