Knoebels 6/24/11

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First time back to Knoebels in a couple years. Got there before the park opened and walked around a bit. Black Diamond and the Eagle Habitat are new from last time I was there. Park wasn't too crowded for most of the day, so lines were pretty short.

Phoenix.. they were only running 1 train, and got front seat first time out.. Got lot more air time than I remember getting up there. 2 more rides up front the final one from near the front was some really good ejector time. Last one from rear. Lot rougher back there and definetely not as much air time.

Twister... actually had a good wait of about 20 minutes. Standing in the gates and the skies opened up. First time on a coaster in the rain I can remember, and what a blast. Not sure if the rain had any effect, but Twister was not the rattler I remember riding a couple years ago. Only rode it once because my riding partner isn't a fan of it and didn't want him to hang out while I was in line again.

Once the rain stopped, the rest of the park started running again. Funny how the only rides they kept going were the coasters, everything else seemed to shut down. Rode a bunch of the flat rides, smacked around the bumper cars for a bit, then headed on home.

I was there last night from 6-10. I didn't ride Twister, but it was still somewhat shaky a few weeks ago. Most stable place to ride is probably the front seat. Sometimes the back seat too, but I've also seen that shake badly. You can actually tell which cars are shaking the most as they go around the helix.

I did get to ride Phoenix in the rain twice in the front seat. It usually runs better in the rain, not that it ever runs bad of course. I actually only set out to ride it once, having spent most of the night on the bumper cars, but it slid through the brakes (it might've been more operator error than wetness, since the brake run is covered!) and ended up parked almost a full car ahead of where it was supposed to be, so they let us go again. By the second time, the track was a lot wetter, and I wish I had been timing it because it seemed a LOT shorter trip than normal!

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I was in the rear car on Twister, so guess they had the good train running.
I gotta give the operators at Knoebels credit. They do keep the trains moving pretty quick.

Those bumper cars are the best, nothing like taking out some road rage on a soccer mom :)

67440Dodge said:
Black Diamond and the Eagle Habitat are new from last time I was there.

Makes it sound like Black Diamond was actually open. Yes? No? I haven't heard anything recently. What's Eagle Habitat? Watch the birdies?

I hadn't planned on Knoebels this season, but I may have an opportunity next month.

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

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Was there a few weeks ago and thought Twister was running terribly. The hill into the helix and all around were too rough for my taste. Had two rides on Phoenix that were out of this world. I always sit in the center seat of the rear car.

Black Diamond isn't open yet. It was rumored that they were trying for July 4th, but apparently that didn't happen for some reason.

Knoebels hosts two crippled bald eagles. I don't remember how long they've been there, but their enclosure was just moved last year to accomodate Black Diamond.

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