Knoebels 6~15~2005

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Me and the family went to knoebels for my birthday today and also for the Phoenix's birthday! Left around 4:15p.m. and got there around 5 and the park was kinda empty! We got the Handstamp special! Once i got my Handstamp I ran right to Fandango! Small right but fun! Then Got Some Tri-Taters! Then The family went to get other food. while they ate I was riddin the Phoenix over and over again. Family got done eatin so we all got on the phoenix. After that We headed to the Cosmotron which was blasting Mettalica. Then Over to the flyers(great ride) and I was looking over to where the Whirlwind used to stood! got a little mad but hey theres gonna be something better next year. anyways then headed for the Salt-n-pepper shakers ( the Satelites) and the galleon (pirate ship)! Then to the Power Surge, 1001 Naughts, the train, and the twister which was awesome. It was around 8 and we went on most of the rides so spent the rest on the Phoenix. THe last ride I was on I sat with a Man Who loved the Phoenix! He was really cool! And to end te night 1 last night on Fandango! Then We Left With Some Ice Cream! It was the best birthday!
I was there tonight as well. I got there around 6 and grabbed 3 rides on the Phoenix by about 6:30. After that me and my demolition partner Chris hung out at the bumper cars for the rest of the night! I got called a F'in A'hole (uncensored of course) by a lady who looked like a giant orange beach ball! So far that whs the best reaction I got this year!

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^Oh......... now we HAVE to meet. ;)

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I was there too. I took advantage of the 7 dollar bargain night which included the Phoenix. I loved the tribute to the Phoenix right off the exit ramp, I hope it will be there for a while I wouldn't mind taking a picture of it.

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Damn I we should have went. We opted for Hersheypark instead since its closer, and free with our passes. I sure could have handled a few laps on the Phoenix.

Good thing The Wildcat was running perfect today. I never used to ride in the back because it was so rough, and now it is best in the back. I don't know what they did, but it's sweet. I am so glad Hershey takes such good care of their woodies.

I guess it still doesn't make up for missing the Phoenix's 20 anniversary! ;)

Wow, well happy belated birthday!!!! Sounds like you had an awesome time, Phoenix and Fandango are awesome!!!

Knoebels- 4/28

Hope you had a good one, C7M! Knoebels is sure a great place to celebrate your birthday. You should have had a party under the big birthday cake!

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