Knoebels 5/17/15, and 5/19/15. SFNE 6/6/15


I had to travel to Maryland for a week of training from Central NY and decided to sneak half a day a Knoebel's on the way down. After the first time at the park last year I've been hooked since. Its not too far out of the way off the beaten trail when i travel south on 81 which seems frequent lately to be able to sneak in a few hours here and there. I arrived about 4pm on Sunday 5/17. Parking lot indicated lowish crowds. Even lower crowds on Friday during my return home. Sure enough only about 30 people in line for impulse. Get tickets and get in line. What little line there was moved quickly. I can see this attracting a lot of people. I witnessed the "booster" seats a few times. This is cool but definitely detracts from loading time. I think the process will improve over time.

After 2 back to back rides on impusle a few thoughts, This is definitely not the biggest baddest coaster ive been on but i think its just right for the park. I put it in a "Fun" category. It has an interesting vibration when traversing up the lift hill. It rattles almost but as soon as it crests the hill its smooths right out. Runs very nice. The slow roll really stands out, i imagine this will release the contents of many pants pockets over time.

Phoenix - Running awesome as always. walked right on. Went to Black Diamond to give it a second chance, i didn't get this ride last time, However it seemed to be running a bit faster than i remember this year. Not fast but at least enjoyable as a ride. Grab a Cheeseburger, Best Park burger ive ever had.

Off to Twister - Twister is running Insane, Whatever work has been done to it shows. It is running like its going off the rails fast and smooth at that. I think this takes #1 in the park and maybe anywhere for me in its current state.

The drop tower i think rivals the best I've been on. just great.

Still have not made the flying turns. When the rest of the rides had a station wait at most including impusle, the turns was over 45 minutes. I guess im going to have to commit to the wait sometime when i have a bit more time. (is it worth the wait) With the other coasters running so good without a line it seems hard to justify the wait in my mind.


Girlfriend and I decided on Friday morning that we were going to head to a park to get a day out of. Original thought was Cedar Point but i ended up working later than usual so we settled on Six Flags New England. Wicked Cyclone enticed me and i had never been to the park so i was curious. Hotel has tickets for $38 with a coupon to upgrade to season pass for 19.99. Get to the park at opening to get a jump on Saturday crowds and head straight to wicked cyclone even though my girlfriend likes to ease into coaster in the morning. Get in line with about a 15 minute wait. 2 rides back to back

Having not ridden the old Cyclone i cannot imagine that it was better than it is now. This coaster is crazy. You never really know what way you are going to be tossed out of the seat next. GF and i found the seats very comfortable, one "Rub" however. The lap bar coupled with a ride that has a way of lifting your shirt coupled with a short shirt caused a situation where the lapbar would rub on my belly during airtime, slightly uncomfortable at times and i will wear a longer shirt next time. The trains also make the most unnerving sound ive heard on a coaster around the first turn. Its like the polyurethane wheels are being dragged sideways across the track, little hints of this during the ride as well.

Bizzaro - get in line, The line is stacked to the 60 minute wait point or is it? The wait time signs in this park make no sense at all. there about 15-20 minutes later and a short "Delay in boarding" aka a train stuck on the lift hill that helped remove some people from the line we were on. Loved this ride. Reminded me how much i love Intamin Hypers from that era.

Everything else also known as forgettable. Mind Eraser actually not as rough as i was prepared for by past experiences on Darien lake's. Batman ok but quite shaky, reminded me of hydra in that regard. I think Catwomans whip had the longest train ive ever seen. Skipped flashback, the mouse, pandemonium, and goliath. Due to GF not liking to spin or go backwards. Only think i may have missed something in Goliath, the line for this was also a bit prohibitive. Thunderbolt rode like it needs some serious love, im not one to be bothered by rattle but i think the train bounced down the track instead of rolling.

Its about this time i realize that while the park seems clean and well kept, I just get a feeling like I'm a bit disappointed in the park. I cant really explain why, I think having my GF who only does coasters and no flats may have contributed as the coaster lineup besides Bizzaro and WC just seems bleh. I am trying to decide if i have been spoiled by better parks. I cant help but liken SFNE to Dorney however i think i like Dorney a bit better.

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Good report I was wondering if Knobels is worth the 3 hour drive.

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Berdyder said:

Thunderbolt rode like it needs some serious love, im not one to be bothered by rattle but i think the train bounced down the track instead of rolling.

If you're up to speed with any of the "classic" wooden roller coaster groups/lovers out there, they will tell you that this is EXACTLY how the ride is supposed to feel, and that you're just a sissy, spoiled by B&M rides.

I think that's a load of bull, and I can't stand it when rides bounce around like that.

^^ knoebels is worth any amount time it takes to get there as it is easily one of the best parks in the country.
^ Thundetbolt was just redone a couple years ago and completely painted. I don't find it rough at all, if you want rough try riding meanstreak.

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Mean Streak isn't just rough, it's also terribly boring.

I live just over an hour from CP, so I'm familiar with that one.

The flyings turns wait can be very deceiving. If they have all 3 trains running and the line is to the entrance it is about 20 minutes wait. Well worth it at least once.

On my visit (pop-in) last summer just for that ride, the line was JUST past the entrance, and I waited nearly an hour.

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Good report. I too noticed the vibrations on the lift hill of Impulse when I went to Knoebels over Memorial Day weekend but didn't mention them in the review I wrote for another website although probably should have. What I did mention was the discomfort of the restraint, which tightens perceptibly after the free fall. Despite the booster seats, I thought that the ride ops did an amazing job of loading and dispatching the trains with maximum efficiency. Anyway, this coaster is a nice addition to Knoebels. Twister was fabulous, much better than I remembered it from my last visit. I liked it better than Phoenix, whose airtime from the back was such that I injured my leg trying to keep from flying all over the place. Flying Turns was the only ride with a significant wait but it was worth the wait. I found it far superior to Avalanche, the only other bobsled coaster I've ridden - although a comparison may be unfair b/c FT is wooden and A is steel. Knoebels is just a great park all around and the price is certainly right. I got out of there with spending only $23 on ride tickets and $8 on food. It was so nice to be able to get a soda for $2 as opposed to the $4 I have to pay at Great Adventure!

Wicked Cyclone is on my bucket list for this summer. As to a comparison between SFNE and Dorney, I find SFNE to be the least friendly park I've ever visited and Dorney to be among the most. I got truly exceptional service from Dorney when I went to Guest Services on Sunday.

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