Knoebel's 5/1/04 (Semi Long)

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What a way to kick the 2004 season off! I don't think I have ever had so much fun at Knoebel's before. Me and my 3 friends left at around 12:45, and got there around 1. After we got our handstamps (only $18.00, major schwing!), the first thing we did was, of course, go to the Masterpiece That Schmeck Built (or designed), Phoenix.

PHOENIX- 5 rides (Rows 9,5,7,8, and 2), Everyone has said it has started squeaking, they were so wrong, only one squeak and that was in the station. Knoebel's will take care of it, they aren't lazy when it comes to that stuff. Phoenix is never as good in the beginning of the season as it is later on, but it still delivered a really good ride. The one girl we were with was getting crazy ejector air, I'm jealous :). Phoenix wasn't at a 10/10 today, but it will when it warms up.

After our first ride on Phoenix we got the best pizza ever (except for Papa John's) at Cesari's. Never has park pizza been so good. After the food break, we took a spin on the always fun Flume. Doesn't get you too wet, just gives you a mist, just how I like it.

We then debated on wheter we should ride Whirlwind or not. Of course, I said "no" about 50 times, and they agreed thank god. We made the better decision, which was to head to Twister..

TWISTER- 1 ride (Row 5), Why are people saying it is rougher than last year?! IT IS NOT. Twister feels the same as it did at PPP, and every other time I was at the park in '03. While the pop of air at the top of the second hill wasn't as good as normal, the laterals were still delivering. Same ol' Twister, just without that nice pop. Again, give it time to warm up.

We exited the Twister plaza and headed towards the Grand Carousels, which is superior to any other carousel I have been on because of the ring grabbing. I had an outside horse, but this girl wanted to sit behind her friend, so she asked me if she could have my horse. Not wanting to be rude, I let her have my horse and moved to an inside one. Major Bummer....

After a disappointing ride on the carousel, we headed to the classic Lusse Bumper Cars they call Skooters. You really get slammed on this ride, almost hard enough to knock you out of the car! Definitely one of the best rides at Knoebel's, and a sure must do. We were doing things that were in the area, so why not check out the Italian Trapeze. IT is a chairswings ride, the same as any other one, just with a really cool paintjob. We always have fun trying to kick the nearby tree, but of course, we fail. Better luck next time :).

We walked to the back of the park again, went on Phoenix 2 more times, then headed to the Flume for 2 more rides. I didn't want to go on it again, and neither did my one friend, so we decided to go on the Antique Cars. My friends made the ride 10 times as fun. They were stopping and swtiching cars. I wasn't really into that, as I didn't want to get in trouble and break park rules, but it was worth a laugh. Since Phoenix is a stone's throw away from Gasoline Alley, we took our final 2 rides on it, both sweet. Back to the Antique cars once more, than back to the front for the final activities, Cosmotron (enclosed Super Himalaya with smoke, music, lights) and Mini Golf.

I am not really a big fan of Super Himalayas because I get motion sickness easily, but it was still fun. It was around 7, and we had to meet with my friends' parents at 7:30, so we ran to Mini Golf and started playing. We all were terrible, mainly because we were laughing the whole time and couldn't concentrate. Man, I have the best friends ever.

After that, we saw my friends' mother and left for home. I wouldn't have started the season any other way, and can't wait to go to Knoebel's again.

-Josh Linn, Phoenix Whore Go Orioles! 2003 Phoenix Rides: 51 2004 Phoenix Rides: 17 2005 Phoenix Rides: 6

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