Knoebel's 5-19 (Day 2 of 3 in Pa)

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Knoebel's is another park that I had been to a long time ago, 1986 to be exact. On the way to the park, I kept noticing lots and lots of bikers traveling the Pennsylvania back woods. I later realized they were all going to Knoebel's. I met up with buzzer Coasterpunk, bought a bunch of tickets and hit the midway.

High Speed Thrill Coaster. Although we got on this only once, they gave us 5 laps. I guess 4 is normal, but the guy on the brake let the train roll too far forward and they had to make us go around again. This has some powerful little hills for such a small coaster, but personally, I would have to put this into the kiddie coaster category. No rating for kiddies.

The Flier. Not a coaster, but great fun. Coasterpunk really had the cables snapping hard. I got in a few good snaps, I guess I need practice.

Scooter Bumper Cars. Another non-coaster, but holy crap! These things have GOT TO BE THE BEST and hardest hitting bumper cars on the face of the earth.

Haunted House. Cheap effects that are well timed. This is a real classic. I loved it.

Whirlwind. 1 lap walk-on. I thought this was a standard Arrow corkscrew, but it is in fact a small Vekoma with seperate corkscrews. Not to hot. 5 out of 10.

Phoenix. 4 laps, station wait. I had been on this, 16 years ago, and I really did not remember the ride. This sucker absolutely FLIES. Awesome ejector air all over the place, but you probably already knew that. I was really impressed at how fast the turnarounds were. I was doubtful that the turns packed power like I have heard on coaster shows. It feels like the train will rip off the tracks awesome!!! 10 out of 10.

Twister. 2 laps (one for free) Station wait. Caosterpunk suggested a row 2 ride, and it delivered the goods. Twister is another fantastic ride. Good pops of air, especially entering the helix. But this thing is all about (duh) twists and turns. The helix is so powerful and fast, it blows away even most CCI helixes. Awesome ride. 9½ out of 10.

Knoebels has the greatest 1-2 punch of wooden coasters I have ever encountered, and they have lots of cool merchandise for their 2 great woodies. I again had limited time, but that was plenty to get in everything I wanted to do. All this place "needs" is a nice steel coaster and it may be the perfect park. 9 out of 10 overall.

Nothing... NOTHING... can prepare you for... the Fourth Dimension!

Nice report Soggy. Sounds like Knoebel's is a park I'm going to have to visit in the future.


I'm glad you loved Knoebels. I love taking people around this place. It's a good thing all the bikers weren't riding anything but there bikes or the lines would have been pretty long.

I hope I didn't rupture any of your organs when I hit you on the bumper cars. ;)

I can't believe your calling the HSTC a kiddie coaster.( maybe a kiddie coaster on steroids) For it's size it does deliver a pretty good punch though, wouldn't you say?

I hope we meet up again somtime. Maybe at KBF or SFMM?

Knoebels visits in 2002. 3

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