Knoebels 4-29-12

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We got to the park around 12:45pm. I took one of my friends with me since it was BOGO. The park had a good size crowd and that is probably because Sat's weather was much cooler and damper. The park closed at 6pm. We left shortly before 6 so I am not sure if they extended their closing time. Weather was great hovering around 60 degree's all day.

Coasters-Phoenix is always a thrill in the third row seats. Lots of good airtime but they were only running one train all day. First lap was around a 15min wait but the second lap I only waited 10mins. Operations were great in getting the train loaded and dispatched. Someone said they retracked part of Phoenix around the first drop but I did not notice it. The ride now has one of their train cars in front of the entrance. Great for photos. Did not seem like it was there as a "tester"

Black Diamond-About a 20 min wait. The themes and effects are just great. I overheard some people say it was a waste of time but I strongly disagree! This was my second time riding it (First at PPP). Ride op was great filling all the seats in the train cars.

Twister-10 min wait. They had some new track work around the helix elements. The ride seemed smoother than last year so maybe this is why? I only did one lap and lines were moderate for Twister throughout the day. I sat in the 9th row so maybe it's a little rougher elsewhere?

Other thoughts- The log flume was having trouble all day. Not sure why but people kept getting stuck on the lift. Looks like new woodwork too in the station. /downdraft is a great ride. Ride op kindly said I should sit in the outside seat because that has the best airtime. You really feel the G's on the outside seat/Fandago was fun. Wish it had a bit of a longer cycle/Flyers are the best I have ever ridden. I did better getting my plane higher to where it looks like you are almost going to brush up against the trees/ Haunted Mansion always delivers. This time there was not a real guy in there scaring the crap out of me like last year!

Flying Turns is still SBNO with a flatscreen TV showing a POV video of the ride. Same letter out in front of saying they don't know when it will open yadda yadda, did we think it would take this long yadda yadda.

Overall great operations, great food of course (buffalo chicken sand and fries) and people of all ages seemed to be enjoying their day at the park. I just thought Phoenix would be even faster with two trains running.

Sky's the limit.

Dick Knoebel said they are supposed to start testing again this week on Flying Turns. SO, let's cross our fingers!

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I was there both days. Saturday just wasn't enough and they had even extended the POP until 7pm. Sunday wasn't as busy as Saturday and the POP ended shortly after 6pm.

Wow, how'd you miss seeing all the fresh unstained track on the first drop? I think if you saw a picture of it now, you'd be shocked. Anyhow, the first drop is butter smooth now. Now the roughest parts of the ride are in the bunny hop valleys.

Twister had an extensive re-profiling of the entrance to the helix. That once amazing lateral airtime clime into the top of it is no more. Now it's a gentle ramp banking at the top. No airtime and no laterals there now. One of the best parts of the ride is gone. :(

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Acoustic Viscosity said:
Twister had an extensive re-profiling of the entrance to the helix. That once amazing lateral airtime clime into the top of it is no more. Now it's a gentle ramp banking at the top. No airtime and no laterals there now. One of the best parts of the ride is gone. :(

Last year I planned to ride Twister twice but scrapped that once I hit that section.

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I'm sorry you lost that strong lateral "pitch" going into the helix, Matt....but I'm not going to complain too loudly if it really does smooth out the helix as much as I've been hearing...

Is it frozen sweet tea time yet? :~P

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Well I consider myself a rookie enthusiast still. I just did not notice the unstained track. I will take better notice next time. But the ride on twister was def noticeable.

Sky's the limit.

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Hopefully the re-profile of the helix will help make the finale faster too. Last year everything after the helix was a snooze.

I'm all for Twister retracking. Got my first ride about 11 months ago and it was honestly too rough to enjoy (or ride again... or even recommend that other people ride at all...), with that helix being the main reason.

I'll be back in a month to give it another shot. Hopefully the change is significant!


how do your pronounce knoebels

coastersandbeyond said:
how do your pronounce knoebels

The locals say "ka nobe ls". Er...I am so bad with phonetic spelling. Three syllables. Kinobles? Kinobels? Lol

I have never had a rough or too smooth ride on Twister. I love that coaster for its unique shape, layout, and wooden feel without excessive roughness. I could honestly take or leave Phoenix, but I can't imagine Twister being bad. But this is why we're all here...all our enthusiasm and differences of opinion.

The one year, the Flyers were getting so close that they either WERE touching the trees or they were getting so close they were blowing the thinner branches around. It was hard to tell.

Did I miss it, or did you skip the bumper cars?

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I love mispronouncing words on purpose, just for fun.

You're not the only one, Krause.

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