Knoebels 4-29-07

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Arrived at the park at about 10:45 for the 12 Noon opening time.

We were with our 1 1/2 year old and his grandparents so it makes it a little rough to get in alot of rides in only a six hour operating day, but we got alot out of our day.

When we first walked through the park we went to the Park's office near the ticket windows to get our complementary employee pass for the day. We found out that since our park wasn't open yet for the season, they technically shouldn't give us the freebies, but they were really nice and let us go anyway; more money for yummy food then :)

Since it was still one hour til' park opening, we made good use of that time to get in a round of golf...nice little course, don't think I've played it in about ten years. As I saw them opening the windows at Cesari's I wished there wasn't that fence between the course and the pizza stand lol.

Then it was time for a slice and a soda...$2.40 for the slice, $2 for the large (20 oz.) soda...decent prices for such good food :) Also grabbed some nachos from the BBQ stand...they were ok, nothing great.

First ride of the days was the teacups, fun classic PTC ride, nice long cycle too.

Next was the Flume, one of the best log flumes around IMO...good ride, not soaking, but refreshing, and no wait.

Then off the the Phoenix, only had to wait about 2 trains, excellent ride as always on my favorite woodie.

We then took a ride on Fandango while the grandparents took the boy on the Antique Cars.

Next we went over to Twister, rode twice both times in the 2nd car. Good solid ride, I really like the turns after each section of lift and the tunnel before the return to the stataion.

After the ride we wanted to buy some ice tea for the boy's drinking cup, and the staff was actually nice enough to not charge for it(thought we'd just be charged for a small drink)...really nice, probably wouldn't see that at many places these days.

Then we did the Pioneer train and Balloon Race. Then headed for the Mansion, and I got a solo ride on Round-Up, since no one else was willing to ride it.

We then went through the kiddie area and did a couple rides w/ the boy, inc. Ole Smokey and the Panther Cars.

Then we did the Trooper, and Tilt..both were great, again gotta love the long ride cycles at Knoebels....I hate the one, or one 1/2 minute cycles you get at the bigger parks.

Then it's time for a pie at Cesari's and one last spin on the Phoenix and Carrousel.

We got some soft ice cream (only $7 for 2 smalls and 1 large w/sprinkles...and these were BIG servings)...and it was off to the car....great day at a great park. I never have as much fun anywhere else as I do at Knoebels. It's really a breath of fresh air to visit a park like's looking forward to hopefully many more visits this year.

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