Knoebels 4-24-04 Our wedding pictures.

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I know that it has been a little while, but I finally got the pictures uploaded from our wedding at Knoebels Grove. There are more that I have yet to get from other friends, but I figured I had enough to show everyone that is interested. I wish that I had more pictures of us on the Phoenix. When I get them I’ll be sure to post them for those that care to see them.

Our wedding was perfect. I couldn’t ask for anything better. Everything just fell into place. The weather was perfect (a little chilly in the shade). We had a good turnout of friends and family. 97 to be exact. We invited 110. The only thing that was bad was that Heather got the flu the night before wedding. I woke up to her throwing up in the toilet at the hotel. Not a good thing. She was able to cover it up well on our wedding day.

Knoebels was great. They took care of us for that day, and if there was anything that we needed we had a security person on duty to take care of it. I wasn’t expecting the kind of attention they supplied to us. It really made everything go smooth. They supplied Heather, my son and me a cabin to change in. My son & I are not ones for dressing up, so it was nice to be able to change out of our tux’s.

Heather wore her dress all day. She figured since we spent so much money that she may as well get her moneys worth. ;) Since she was sick we only took 1 ride on Twister, 1 on Whirlwind, and I took a log flume ride with some of our friends.

It took our wedding to get all our friends and family to an amusement park, and it will live within me as one of the most memorable days of my life.

The pictures are under "Our Knoebels Wedding" in the same gallery that my Storm Runner construction pics are. They are on the 1st page, 2nd row.

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Looks like a fun and meaningful day...congrats! :)
Lovely pictures---looks like a great day!

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Man, that is a sweet cake. How much was it to get it made?

Not too expensive a hunderd and fifty dollars and that was delivery too. not too bad for all the work she did. The cake was almost too awesome too eat. we did save the top of the hill for our 1 year anniversary.

I found the cake by chance and called a bakery telling them we needed a roller coaster cake and that is what she came up with . She did a great job!

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The cake was the coolest. Couldn't ask for one better than that especially for $150. It was hard to cut it. It looked too nice. ;)
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Congrats guys! I wish you the best. :-) Thanks for sharing those awesome pics!


Congrats guys. :) What a great place to have this at. Love the cake. Looks like Dick had a blast playing chauffeur!

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