I always thought it was pronounced with a silent k but I heard someone call it 'K-noebels' the other day.

Which is it?

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Definitely pronounce with a capital K. Incredible park!

Schwarzkopf76 said:
Kincredible Kpark!

It is one of those weird language things that this particular park and its namesakes are called "K"noebels.

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Actually its knoebels grove. I can't wait till june 5th when I'll be there.

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Same as Knute Rockne - you can hear Ronald Reagan pronounce it that way in "Knute Rockne, All American."

(Here's the trailer: )

Of course, in certain films you can also hear Humphrey Bogart pronounce "Los Angeles" with a hard G, almost like "Los Angles." I don't recommend doing that.

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Schwarzkopf76 said:

Definitely pronounce with a capital K.

I always wondered why people look at me funny when I pronounce it with a lowercase k.

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Because it's a proper name, silly!

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Shh... no one tell this guy about PPP. ;)

Opening day Saturday. Who else is going? Knoebels has grown really well over the years that opening day is packed. We don't even get the buy one get one free all day ride bands. We can't get our moneys worth. We buy tickets, ride our favorites, and enjoy the atmosphere.

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