Knoebels- 6/21 Fathers' Day

I don't have kids of my own, but I am the godfather of 3. So after spending part of Father's Day afternoon working in the yard/garden, I decided to make myself an offer I couldn't refuse and head to Knoebels. I found $12 in tickets in various drawers and cubbies in my desk, so I wouldn't have to spend much on tickets.

It was a little after 6 when I got there, but that still left plenty of time to catch a few rides and walk around the park. With the early crowd leaving, I was able to nab a parking space in the first row behind HC parking. The lot was maybe 2/3 full at that point-- a few rows past the parking entrance were filled. I thought with this being the first rain-free day in nearly a week, more people would be out. There were a decent number of people in the park though.

Nothing particularly newsworthy to report. The General Store has a sign posted as an employee Q/A for guests asking about Flying Turns. The answers are: we're hoping to have it operating in 2009; yes, we expected it to take a long time since there is no other coaster like this running anywhere; we relocated the service track to the brake run, re-profiled parts of the trough, and re-did lift hill #3.

The footings are in place for Kosmo's Kurves. There are going to be four crossings of the boat canal, including twice for the helix. Will be interesting to see the layout built. The footings for the helix come really close to the platform from the former High Speed.

Channeled Gator by having a frozen sweet tea. Channeled Moosh by playing 4 games of Fascination. I suck at that game-- if the goal was to put the ball in the same hole 3 times in a row or to get the ball to roll around the hole the most times before dropping in I'd win. I did have 2 different lines of 4 in one game, but do you think I could get the ball in either hole I needed? I did redeem myself later on the Flying Frogs as I won a red (?) turtle.

Rode the Flyers 3 times. A wind blowing in from beyond the Looper made snapping interesting depending how you caught it-- or it caught you. One time I rode 2 laps basically like a stone skipping across a lake bouncing in one place because the wind wouldn't let me get higher-- it was still a kick though. There was plenty of snapping to be had. I did watch one ride full of pre-teen snap maniacs. That's always fun to see.

Also saw something I don't think I'd ever seen before. While waiting for the flyers to start one time, I was watching two girls over on the Looper rocking the cage before their ride started. They got close to going over, but I figured they could only go so far without using the foot pedal. But darn if they didn't go all the way over, and over, and over, about 12 times before the ride even started! That was cool.

I also spent some time checking out the Kosmo parade and bench sitting just to people watch and enjoy a nice evening. Other than the Flyers, I only rode Twister (2) and Phoenix (4). Twister in the back seat and second. Phoenix in 3 (again channeling gator)-2-11 and 2 again at night. One train ops all evening, still never more than a 2 train wait for any seat but the first.

I was headed home, red turtle in hand, by 9:30.

I was there Sunday night too. I was surprised at how few people were in line for rides vs. how full the parking lot was. My last few rides on Phoenix were with an almost-empty train, which isn't the way I like it. I missed all the snappage (other than my own) but I did see some spectacular crashes on the bumper cars. In fact, they were better than some of the rides I've had at PPP.

Ticket changeover news: at least one stand still has the .50/.20/.10 ticket books, at least one stand now has the new 1.00/.50/.25 books.

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"Channeled Gator by having a frozen sweet tea." One of my rare cheats in terms of wasting precious calories on sweetened beverages....but SO worth it. Phoenix is a RARE wooden coaster in that I don't normally ride in the back. 90% of woodies, I ride in the back...alot. Phoenix, it's 1-3...a LOT. :)

Oh, and I do hope you named the turtle..."Shelly". ;)

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turtle was given
to goddaughter for birthday
she named it myrtle.

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Gee, it sure is taking them a long time to build that Flying Turns. I recall when they were building Adventure falls at michigan's Adventure, and Be Bop Boulevard...probably took 2 years for them to finish the falls, and even longer for Be Bop Boulevard, which was actulally finsihed by cedarfair. They had a history of not openeing advertised rides, they had the falls in their flyer the year Choas opened, and the ground wasn't even broken!!! talk about false advertising!!!

The Wildcat at michigan's adventure is supposedly modeled after the Pheonix, but it has twisting hills on it. I would think the ride would be a lot better if it was an exact replica of the ride. It is running pretty smooth this year. So not much to complain about there.

Hope they finish it soon. It is probably costing them a fortune.

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