Knocked Up Coaster?

I haven't seen it, but I heard that at the beginning they are riding a roller coaster. Anyone know what it is?
IMDB shows filming at Knott's Berry Farm so its possible. I have not seen it though.


Xcelerator and Silver Bullet are in the movie.
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I'm confuesed, what in the world are you guys talking about?

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The movie "Knocked Up" apparently has a coaster in it. He was asking if anyone knew which coaster it was.
Oh dear what have the Rocket's towers been up to...
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^ Thanks for the clarification halltd. I was thinking you were talking about a pregnant coaster or someone getting preagnant on a coaster.

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It's a great movie, too. I think I like it better than 40-Year-Old Virgin (and that's a great flick!)

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