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Wednesday, January 1, 2003 10:44 AM

Well day three started with the Ramada Breakfast Buffet then I proceeded down I-4 to Tampa, I was really shocked by the contrast after two days in the Tourist Mecca that is Orlando. Get off the Freeway pass an industral park, several pawn shops and a porno shop then several city streets latter you see Montu pop up.

The last time I visited this park you had two choices in coasters and the monorail still ran. I guess I missed the part that Gwaazi sits where the Brewhouse used to be, I really did not realize that fact till I was at the top of Tigers lift. This is a great coaster, I think I like Lion best, but the dispatch interval is awlful, why cant the gates open as soon as the last train stops, the people are completly off the platform on this puppy!!

I next walked thru the Bird areas and stopped at Python, it was down for maintainance. So i continued on my way to Kumba- wow that mad dash at the lift hill almost made me put my hands down, this is also the coaster that convinced me that I need to get back on the Diet, it took a push from the English attendent to get the required two clicks, this is the first B&M to give me any trouble. I got two quick rides in before I realized that if I didnt drink some water I would pass out if I tried a third. I walked on arond and got a ride in on Scorpian in the front seat.

My next mission was Rino Rally, but it was not running yet. so I proceeded to Egypt and somthing posesed me to get in line for Akbar's Adventure Tour- That thing is the dumpest looking ride i have ever seen at a major park and the jerky motion did me about in. After that I needed to sit down and I did with a bag of popcorn and a coke, I just watched the crowd milling around Montu for about half and hour, before I got in line.

I waited about 35 min for a back seat ride, while waiting I had a nice conversation with a family from West Virginia. Thr ride was great- to me this is the most intense Beemer out there. Lots of G's in the rear right seat.

After my ride the line had doubled in lenght and the park began to become overcrowded, I walked thru all the zoo areas, and checked the Rally out- the line was way back along the fence toward the front of the park. So by 2:00 I headed for the gate and the drive back to Orlando and my third and hopefully last hotel of the week.

My impression of Busch Gardens is that of the poor stepchild in Florida, Its a nice park when you get inside but reminds me alot of the old Elitch Gardens from the outside, But I guess thats what you get when your park is landlocked like this one is.

Oh the hotel, well I got the Best Western Movie Land tonight, If I would have only just reserved it in the first place, its right on the I- Drive strip, across the street from Wet n' Wild with lots of cheap steak houses near by. The room was clean with fresh decor and a friendly staff, best of all it has shuttle sevice all for $59.00

Monday is my last day one more shot at Univeersal

The Hotel shuttle bus, dropped us at the transportation hub at 8:30. I ran right to Fire and Ice and got several no line rides in. I looped the park counter clockwise and considered Jurasic park, but skipped it for later (regret).

I did finally get my ride on Spiderman, wow that is the best simulation I have ever seen. You really felt like you were in the middle of the action, what a way to combine all the elements.

After that I went to Starbucks in CityWalk then entered the Studios to get everything I missed Saturday. I got two rides on MiB in less than 15 min. using the single rider line, I got an express pass for Jaws and had a turkey sandwitch while waiting, then after Jaws used another pass for EarthQuake.

I tried twice to ride ET it was broken in the morning and by the time a came back the express pass was 3 and a half hours, I did take in the Gostbusters/Beetlejuice show back on the steps of the NYPL. The park was packed and all rides were showing at least a two hour wait, I headed over to the Islands and you could not even walk around, I made one loop around the park and became claustrophobic, so I caught the 4:00 bus back to the hotel, and took a strool down I drive to the go cart track, and had a nice dinner at Pondrosa.

This was a great trip, in all it cost me about $1000 and some hotel agrivation. Next time I will not take Orbitz word for hotel class. But I will not be going during the Hollidays again, it was just too crowed three out of my 4 days at the parks.

I had a great time and am supprised at how much Florida has changed in just the few years I have not been there, hopefully the next visit will be sooner.


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Thursday, January 2, 2003 4:40 AM

What day were you at BGT, Dave? I happen to love Akbar's Adventure Tours and it's been closed my past 2 trips there. When we were there in early December, they even told us that it probably wasn't going to reopen.

Sue Barry

Thursday, January 2, 2003 7:14 AM
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Good TR, glad you enjoyed our parks. BGT certainly is not in the best of areas, some *revitalization* in that area would be real nice. Kumba has been real good since the rehab...

Akbar had been converted over to season pass processing, and has been used for a couple other things lately, but I'm pretty surprised to see it reopen AS of the really poor simulators in terms of the timing of the seats vs. the screen....Nausea factor considerably higher than *standard* for simulators...the improvement over the last simulator ride (Professor Dagnabbit's Time Machine) was....negligible.


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