Kinzel: "People have to eat"

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Wow... does this guy have some balls or what? From the 2Q conference call transcript

The weakness is in merchandise and games and admissions per capita. Food prices we’ve been able to pass along very easily the increases there and when people come to the park they have to eat. They’re here for an average length of stay of anywhere from six to nine hours depending on the park, so they’re always going to have hopefully one meal and a couple of soft drinks during the day and some ice cream.
So I was wrong about food prices driving down per cap, but is he insane? Does he realize that consumers read this stuff too? God forbid the mainstream media should ever grab that quote.

This says a lot to me about what he thinks of his "guests." He might as well stand at the gates and say, "I think you're stupid, and I'll take your money now, thanks."

Consumers will eventually have enough. Then what?

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It's nervy but it doesn't mean it isn't true, in some respect. But like you said, it gives a good sense of his take on people relations vs. business.

At least at some of their parks it's easy to get food elsewhere. I don't eat inside the park at Kings Dominion, I hop right over to the Burger King across the street. So he can shove those $10 burgers anywhere he wants to! Dorney also has some stuff nearby, as does Carowinds. Cedar Point though it was Chik-Fil-A near Maverick or bust.

It's easier for me to bypass all the soda and ice cream because I just don't want it at the park, but I agree that such a blatant stance on what people will and won't do is annoying. But then again, you don't have to have the $5 soda at the theater either...

Wow some of my first reply did not make sense...
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I suppose he's got a point, but, man, there are better ways of verbalizing that sort of thing.
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This consumer has had enough for quite some time. I have not purchased a meal at a CF park in a over 6 years, and have no intention of doing so in the near future.
The closest things to the CP gates ( and off park property) are a Mcd's, East of Chicago, and the Thirsty Pony, in that order. No much choice. In a sense, CP is kinda like Disney: The got the customer in the gate and are gonna shake them down.

Of course, there IS one garunteed thing they could do: Free soda then charge for the restrooms.

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He does have a point, but the way he expressed himself is just plain wrong. Kinzel should have retired when he said he would and let someone else lead the company. He sounds like a tired old man that has completely lost touch with the people that patronize amusement parks.
How true Rob. Maybe he should resign and come back as a midway worker. He MIGHT have a different prospective.

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I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

All I know for certain is that last weekend, due to unusual circumstances, I got stuck having a meal in the park up at Cedar Point; we ate at one of the sit-down restaurants.

To call it "awful" and "a really lousy value" would be charitable. Oh, my sandwich was quite good, but everything else was 'way overpriced, and the way the stuff arrived at the table spoke volumes about the way the restaurant in question was operated.

Someone please point out to Mr.Kinzel that I can easily put a cooler full of sandwiches in the trunk of the car if I am that desperate. I already bring my own beverages......

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At least Disney front-loads their "shake down," as Hopman put it, with admission costs. A 20 ounce soda now costs $1.20 more at Kings Island than it does at the Magic Kingdom. That's 50% higher.

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How about improving merch and games?

Anyway, I wonder how Margaritaville has been doing lately?

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We went to Disney in November and it surprised me that though it was on target with most theme park food pricing, the quick-service meals were about $1.00-$1.50 cheaper than Cedar and Kings Island. Now in all fairness, we did purchase the meal plan, but it's not like we couldn't just read the menu boards.

Heres the other thing.... The quick-service food was GREAT. It was pretty good at Universal as well.

I do like Holiday Worlds pricing plan; for about $6.00 you get a good meal and the "free" drinks on top of that. Once Will Koch decided to include the drinks in the admission structure, his food sales went up 75%.
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to which I reply, "but not your food."

Unless I cant convince a friend to not do so, I really dont eat inside the gate except for a fry or ice cream. When I feel like splurging, I will have a "lupper" at TGI Fridays (ends up costing the same as a "meal deal" inside) but thats it. Also, unlike in the past, I dont even buy drinks at CP, its too darn expensive, free water for me or a can in the car. If you knew me, you would know how rare that is, I guzzle the stuff, but Im sorry the prices are just way too high.

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john peck said:
Once Will Koch decided to include the drinks in the admission structure, his food sales went up 75%.

REALLY? Holy crap. Is that a statistic or an educated guess?


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I'm pretty sure he said that in one of our podcasts.

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I didn't quite get this quote until I took a look at the actual quote with the rest of the report. Are we all mindless sheep that will just take whatever abuse we get? ARGH!! I was planning on just eating at the park on my visit, but I think I'll skip that and eat somewhere where I'm not thought to be a moron.

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Sounds like the cooler is getting packed the next time we go to a Cedar Fair park.
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I only care about the price because the food they serve is awful. If it tasted good, I wouldn't think twice about giving them my money.

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Eh, sadly it's business. If people will pay, they will raise prices, unfortunately.

I just go to Famous Dave's or East of Chicago when I eat the point. I think the last thing I bought in the park was garlic fries two seasons ago, and .25 cent cotton candy before that!

It's just too pricey, it makes me loose my appetite just looking at the menu's.

/\ It is business, and we are the extreme minority who will ever read this report, let alone make any sort of deal about it. I agree about not buying much food if any in parks. This does not encourage me to ever change that, but for the GP it matters not. They buy into almost everything. Of course many do think of bringing their own food/beverages etc. and think ahead, but there IS a reason for him saying this, and that is for the most part it is true.

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I bet that makes all the poor marketing people wish he'd keep his mouth closed! :)


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