Kings Island/GCI/Mystic Timbers/Winterfest

It should be noted Mystic Timbers ran all night last Friday, with temperatures below freezing all night long. The parking attendant even stated that it would be closed on Friday, which was to be expected. But it opened and ran until park closing with temps in the 20s.

The park overall has done a great job with this event. The Christmas lights are sparse outside of I-Street and Tower Gardens, but the tons of live entertainment, the winter characters and the atmosphere of I-Street more than offset that.

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I’m really surprised they’re able to run it in those temps! That’s great to hear!

I was thinking that I saw the Mystic Timbers valleyed one of those days.

I believe it valleyed Saturday from snow accumulation on the tracks

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Busch Garden's Invadr valleyed.

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It was reported at an ACE party that Mystic Timbers can start operating as long as it is 35 degrees. It can then continue operating below that temperature if it is already up an running. Obviously snow, wind, etc. can also have an impact on operations.

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