Kings Island Voicemail (Again)

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Last year KI called passholders and reminded them to come out to the park. (see this post)

They're at it again this year. I just got a voicemail from Robbie Knievel reminding me about all the festivities happening at the park this weekend.

It came from the NJ area code again - just like last year.

Figured someone might be interested and at the very least you can right click the link and save the mp3 for your super-geeky park-related collection of crap. :)

Ring tone!


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Wow, THAT was the best take? I'd hate to hear the rejects.

Pass da' sizzrup, bro!

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Pretty cool.

I didn't get a phone call, though. :(

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^^It wasn't that bad.

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It was pretty terrible, he sounded so unenthusiastic and like he wasn't all there.

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^He's NOT all there. He jumps over stuff! I just wonder how many times he's hit his head. ;)


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