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We got to Kings Island on Saturday around 11:00 a.m. The first ride was Face Off, it after a 5 hour drive and an hour wait is was awesome, next was Drop Zone very long wait, but it was worth it, next was Vortex, thank God for 3 trains running, line was long but wait was very short awesome first drop. then we hit my favorite The Beast that thing is out of control the way it moves is so awesome to me, we just kept going down and gaining speed, this is how a coaster should performe. We hit the water park very pretty, very clean, very long line for that Typhoon slide and it was also worth it, I really liked the new kid area, it has everything and the detailed themeing was super, they have got it togeather in that area, Flight of fear 2 hour wait but great ride (except the brakes in the middle of the ride) boooooo take those out. All and all it was a great day I did hear several ride ops say that SOB will not run again, and they also said there was a plan for a new attraction to replace it, but it will not be a coaster. I really think they should add a floorless to take the SOB's place that thing looks so hugh from the parking lot I got to ride it 2 years ago and yep I was bounced around like a sack of apples and I am a hugh guy I am glad I got to ride it, after all it is a very powerful ride I hate to see it go.
Next year, your sixth grade trip report will be even more awsome.

Woa, I am not in the 6th grade I am 36 years old, sorry if my report did not meet your standards, I've been reading these forums everyday for about 4 years and I've always wanted to post a topic but I've noticed how rude some of you are to each other and that's why I waited so long to even post anything. I can assure you that you will never have to read another 6th grade trip report from me. I am deleting my account that I just used for the first time today. I know that every one here is a coaster and or park expert, I am not. Now let's get down to the nitty gritty, as I stated I am 36 years old and I wont be insulted by you or anyone else on this board. So I tell you what, since you think my post was so child like here's one mabey you'll enjoy a little better, "You need to go a sexually stimulate your self with a barbed wire glove on".

I think what he was referring to was the lack of sentence structure and punctuation in your trip report. Taking a little time to proofread and develop complete thoughts can make a world of difference in a trip report, and make it much more enjoyable to read.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. If you are going to take the time to post your thoughts for the world to see, make sure you present them in a way which you would like the world to see you.

I got half way through your trip report and already knew what the next post was going to say. Well, almost halfway was hard to read.

Anyway, just some friendly constructive criticism. *** Edited 7/31/2006 4:24:56 PM UTC by 40belowbeef*** *** Edited 7/31/2006 4:25:44 PM UTC by 40belowbeef***

No offense to you, but it seemed to look like you rushed through it detail is great, and dont mush everything together.

Besides you might have just cost yourself the pleasure of deleting your account with such comments, not a bright way to make an impression.

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I knew posting a comment was a bad idea, I was hoping that someone would have a good time reading my trip report just as I have always enjoyed reading trip reports that others have posted. They have not always been easy to read, most of the topics on this board have been discussed over and over again, but I would never post that someone else's post was fashioned after that of a 6th grader. Like I said I will delete my account that way things can get back to normal and you guys being rude to each other is normal on this board. I was really excited about posting a trip report trust me I could have included a whole lot more detail but I assumed you guys didn't want to read an 8 page report. I used to look up to the people on this board because I love the way you keep people informed on coastes and parks. Some of you need a few tips on manors you can make a comment or get a point accross without being rude. I have a 6th daughter with a slight but serious learning issue so I will make sure she doesn't post anything.
Its amazing just how much crowds can change from day to day. I was there on Friday and never waited more than 30 minutes for anything, and on thursday a lot of stuff was a walk-on.

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I agree Flight of Fear could be better if it didn't have the mid-course brake. But what do I know, I actually like Tomb Raider!

See, I feel the way you do sometimes, dude. Just don't make a HUGE deal out of it. We're just having alittle fun.

It seems like PKI is always crowdwed on the weekends anymore.

nonnahs I understood everything you said. You don't have to be an english major to type what you feel. I always like to here good things about the home park.

I agree with you somewhat on SOB. I"ll miss it's presence, but I won't hate to see it go. I do hope that if it is taken out they replace it with a coaster(Hopefully steel)

Good report

I used to love SOB in 2003, because for some reason it seemed smooth. In 2004, though, I hated it with a passion. The ride was a flop, you just can't try to make a sequal better than The Beast.

Nonnahs-If you are going to post here, please try to use better grammar, especially when describing different rides. Hell, I got lost on your second sentence. Just remember next time, thats all.

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