Kings Island to restore glockenspiel on Festhaus

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From the blog post:

When Kings Island opens to Gold and Platinum Passholders for preview night on April 19th, guests will get a first look at the completely restored characters and new clock at the main Festhaus entrance in the Oktoberfest area of the park. Maintenance, signage, and technical services associates, as well as outside vendors, combined for more than 100 hours of restoration to bring both the glockenspiel and entrance of Festhaus back to life.

Read more from the official Kings Island blog.

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I love when parks do something like this, can’t wait to see this and the new I-street in a month and a half for Coasterstock.

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100 hours of restoration? That seems like a really low number to bring this back to life.

Not necessarily. 100 hours would be enough to rebuild the figures and do the painting and installation; the time to build the new clock wouldn’t necessarily be included as that’s an outside vendor building an assembly...

I think this is one of the more exciting things they are doing this year. Although I would be just as happy if the clock comes back *without* the Chicken Dance.

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