King's Island Short but sweet 5/17

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Kings Island, Mason, Ohio, USA

The park was way crowded. I'm an ACE member, and I'm kicking myself because I forgot that it was an ACE day there that day. But there were also loads of kids on school trips. So every ride was about 90-120 mins long. UGH.

One thing you may notice, based on my last TR, is that I am nervous fitting on rides due to my height/weight. Yes, I haven't lost much since then. I am 5'5, 165lbs and have a 44" waist. I've been on Weight Watchers.. but I don't exercise.. so whatever.

I was visiting family in Indiana (cousins) that I haven't seen in 13 years. They now have two sons (Lucas - 6, and Curtis -10). I have never met them until I drove there. All the way from NJ!

Anyhow, to cut to the chase... I fit on everything I wanted to get on. Even Diamonback with the new seat belts.

Here are the rides:


This was the longest wait that we waited on, 45 mins. The q was filling up but it was deceiving because it really only looked like it would be 15 at the most. Nope. Loading and unloading takes forever. I enjoyed this, it was a nice feeling. Curtis got a little light headed.


Two hour wait. But they have a plinko game where you can win a "front of the line for two" pass. I went up with 4 chips, $10 worth, and very first one got a FOTL pass. The other two were random things, and the last was another pass!!

So me and Curtis went on Banshee. Yes, it was fun. I really enjoyed it. I needed row 4, but boy that first drop is intense and those g forces are awesome!

It was then time for lunch so Curtis could eat. He felt better after that. We then split up, the father took Lucas to Snoopy while me, Trish and Curtis went on other rides. We walked around a bit because everything had a long wait. We eventually wound up waiting online for Windseeker, but it was too long so we got off. Then headed for

The Bat

This is a fun relaxing ride I believe. Been a long time since i was on a coster like this (Big Bad Wolf was the last) I enjoyed it.

Curtis was complaining about walking, and we wanted to meet up so we headed to

Woodstock Express

Got the last row to myself. Was not expecting that drop and the air time to be as much as it is. Took me by surprise.

We then played some games and walked around for awhile again. Me and Trish went on:


Again, row 4. Fantastic ride. I do feel dizzy afterwards though.

We then ran to Diamondback because it was getting late. 2 hour wait. But they also had a game where you can win FOTL tickets. So this time I went up with $20. Enough to get 8 spins. Wouldn't you know, I got 3 FOTL passes! So me and Curtis ran like children to


Man that drop is intense. Very very fun ride!

Since we had the passes, we thought it would be best to run to

The Beast

120 min wait. But not for us. 10 mins the most. And we got second row from front. This drop is amazing. The scenery is amazing. It was getting dark, so you really couldn't see anything. I LOVED this ride. Probably my fav woodie.

Then we went to

Flight of Fear

Meh is all I have to say.

Then we ran to the flying coaster at 9:50 but it was already closed since the ACE event. UGH..

Oh well.

Another successful trip, to a brand new park. And I was able to fit!!

So, I now have several trips planned:

Coasting for Kids at Dorney

Riding of the Bull

Coaster Mania

I cannot wait. Plus I will be going to Sx Flags several times this year I believe!

Hang in there fellow chubbies... there is hope! :)

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Glad to see another NJ peep doing CFK. Perhaps we'll have a chance to say "Hello."

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

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When you wait online for Windseeker, do you end up watching a POV video, or do they just let you on the ride?

Congrats on the Plinko; it sounds like it saved your day!

I'm confused about the Bat. Does the ride assist one to realize the true nature of fun, or is it the case that the ride itself realizes it is fun?

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An interesting concept - a coaster developing self awareness. Perhaps SoB might have killed itself.

I understand it was having moments of anxiety and occasional thoughts of suicide. Maybe it was the medication...

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I understand it has been feeling a little bit grey lately.

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Three thousand spines were broken on August 29th, 2001. The survivors of the ride called the war: Son of Beast. They lived only to face a new nightmare: the war against the coasters. duh-duh-dunh-dada

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

In related news:

We interviewed The Bat, formerly known as Flight Deck and Top Gun about his identity crisis, Son of Beast and his new neighbor Banshee.

When asked about his ever changing identity, he explained that he is very happy with his new name and colors as they better fit his personality. The Bat also explained that he is very happy to be out of the shadow of that big SoB known as Son of Beast and the giant PoS. He stated that is very exited about his new neighbor, because she is beautiful and rides like a Banshee.

We may have struck a nerve when we asked about his "little, big coaster syndrome." His response; "I'm tired of being underrated and unappreciated. I may be small but I ride like a champion. I can make 2,352 ft feel like 4,124."

Back to you Andy!

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Seems like you spent $30 on fol passes for 2 rides. You realize for $6 more you could have gotten Fastlane and rode everything without a wait, right?

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

Flight of Fear secretly wishes he wasn't such a sadistic bastard...

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Sadly, Magnum has been in therapy for the last decade having to deal with a constant sinking feeling.

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Tekwardo said:

Seems like you spent $30 on fol passes for 2 rides. You realize for $6 more you could have gotten Fastlane and rode everything without a wait, right?

$36 for Fastlane? That's a bargain. But that's per person as well... I'm just glad to see someone actually won the FOL passes. We've played a few times and had no luck.

It was actually 5 passes in total, for two people each pass, for any ride in the park. Without those passes, we wouldn't of been able to get on Banshee, Flight of Fear, The Beast, or Diamondback. So for far less for a fast pass for two people, we were able to get in all the rides we wanted!

Ensign Smith said:

I'm confused about the Bat. Does the ride assist one to realize the true nature of fun, or is it the case that the ride itself realizes it is fun?

Meant to say "Relaxing".......

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