Kings Island settles Wright Son of Beast injury case

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Kings Island officials struck a confidential settlement with a Defiance woman who was hurt on the Son of Beast roller coaster just minutes after a jury awarded her $76,364 in compensatory damages Monday. Kings Island attorneys were set to argue against a second jury award - punitive damages - for Jennifer Wright when the deal was made.

Read more from The Cincinnati Enquirer.

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Too bad the only victim was the coaster itself.

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I think that many of us have been a victim of SOB, Johnson, not just this one woman. She was just one of the more abused victims, imho.

If a dog bites a human, we shoot it. SOB deserves to be demolished.

Your wish will be granted. No tears will be shed, and The Beast will return to rule the roost.

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^hmmm... After years of brakes and added lap bars, etc., I pretty much always thought the Beastie/Fairly Odd/whatever it's called now was the best woodie in the park. Airtime, great lapbars...

Thats 'Odd' you mention that. I am at Kings Dominion from timt to time, and the Scooby Zoom coaster, or whatever its called, seems to impress my fellow managers. Reminds them of the Hunt's Pier Flyer from Wildwood, NJ. Go figure.

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True at Carowinds and Canadas Wonderland too. The best-maintained coasters at the former PPs almost always seem to be the junior Allens.

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CoasterDemon said:
the Beastie/Fairly Odd/whatever it's called now ...

...Or whatever it's GOING to be called next year!

Maybe the former Paramount kiddie woodies are well maintained because they are so small, thus easier and cheaper to keep up.

And the anti-christ will soon return to hell. Opening year, I road SOB 3 times in the one trip I made. One would think the massive headache I developed from my first ride would have kept me off of it. Perhaps I sustained a brain injury and was not thinking correctly. Either way, on the way home and while swallowing hand fulls of asprin, I realized I finally met a coaster that chewed me up and spit me out. It won. I vowed never to ride it again. A first for me. That thing is unholy and evil. It's time to send it back to hell.

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lol Funny post, Winston. That's an interesting way to look at it. I bet no one ever imagined that the Anti-Christ would come to earth as a roller coaster. :p

So with it's return back to Hell, is Snoopy the second coming of Christ? I hope not.

I don't believe Christ ever flew in a Sopwith Camel....

My author website:

Snoopy descending from the clouds heralding our salvation. :)
Who could resist?

I wonder if CF is already clear on what's next for the ride or if this sort of thing takes much more thought. Complete demolition would be a shame. I still like Dave's (RideMan)s idea of keeping the first hill and creating an out and back. Especially because that first hill serves as such a nice backdrop for that part of the park.

LostKause, have you ever considered that the Scooby Doo-class coasters have on them the only PTC train design that can actually steer? Those trains track amazingly well, and do remarkably little damage to the ride when they're in decent shape. Of course, the one at Kings Island has that ridiculous trim brake on the front turnaround...

Agent Johnson, I presume you know this, but John Allen built three coasters in 1956: the Flyer at Hunt's Pier, the coaster at Angela Park (later Valley Volcano), and the Jet Flyer (now the Sea Dragon) at Gooding Zoo Park (now Jungle Jack's Landing at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium). Of these, only the Sea Dragon is still standing. The Taft/KECO "Scooby Doo" coasters are virtually identical mirror images of Allen's first three coasters; the most significant change is that the Taft/KECO rides extend the brake run and have a straight station at the end of the brakes, then a train storage shed on the opposite side on the run to the lift hill. The originals had a curved station across the front of the ride and train storage in the station. There is a good reason that the Scooby Doo would remind someone of the Flyer although to me (since I am from Columbus) the resemblance is more of the Sea Dragon.

Zach's Zoomer at Michigan's Adventure is basically a copy of a Scooby Doo coaster, except that CCI used a junior version of PTC's standard adult train (with the 12-wheel cars) instead of the classic PTC junior train (with 8-wheel cars and steerable, flanged road wheels). This means that Zach's Zoomer seems to run a little faster, but it can't track the curves.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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LostKause said:
I think that many of us have been a victim of SOB, Johnson, not just this one woman. She was just one of the more abused victims, imho.

If a dog bites a human, we shoot it. SOB deserves to be demolished.

I hear this lady's going to take her award money, buy Six Flags passes, rent a Qbot, then sneer at the poor people as she passes them in line.

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Well, she won't be passing either one of us in whatever line she cuts in whatever Six Flags parks that she visits with her season pass, wont she RGB? We'll be enjoying other theme parks throughout the season! ;)

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Agent Johnson said:
No tears will be shed, and The Beast will continue to rule the roost.

aerodynamic said:
Complete demolition would be a joyous occasion.

Corrections made. :)

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