Kings Island Saturday June 27th '09

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Kings Island, Mason, Ohio, USA

Saturday, June 27, 2009 8:47 PM

We never go near a park on a Saturday and today reminded me why! Thomas Pendelton from “Tattoo Highway” was making an appearance today and doing a tattoo contest, that is the ONLY reason we ventured to the park.

We took advantage of the early admission ERT, got my 100th Diamondback ride! I had made a sign that said “100 rides” (I know, I’m a tool) and held it up for the onride photo. It came out awesome! :) I bought a keychain (cause I didn’t want to have to carry the picture around) and paid to have the picture emailed to me. Since the photo employee couldn’t spell “cedar” or “point” (which are both in my email addy) I should have assumed she wouldn’t have typed it right. She didn’t, so I didn’t get the emailed copy of the picture I had paid for. There is basically nothing I can do about that, I am really disappointed. The keychain photo is too tiny to even bother scanning. So figures! :(

While hubby and I rode DB a couple more times, we were told we couldn’t reride, despite no one in our row. We saw other riders on our trains reriding and an ACE-er who is there a lot was allowed to keep switching her seat if needed so she could reride. I’m not complaining we weren’t allowed to reride, I just think the crew needs to be consistent and fair to everyone.. We rode 4x and then headed for the Beast.
Despite being early in the morning the Beast was kicking butt. We rode in the front car for the 1st ride, and was happy to hear the crew advising reriding was fine and if row taken to feel free to find an empty row. We moved to row 5.…guess I had forgotten how bouncy (my poor girls!)Beast is away from the 1st row. Still fun and 5 rerides was a great way to get our morning started before the GP attacked the park.

It was then we found out KI no longer had the drink wrist band available. No idea why they stopped selling it except my guess would be they were losing $. I totally blame my hubby, he can easily finish off 50.00 worth of pop when he’s got one of those bands! We were both pretty bummed about it so stuck with (free) ice water the rest of day.

We (ok really just me) enjoyed Scooby Doo where I kicked my hubby’s butt 1410 to 750! Thank goodness there was a long line or I can guarantee he would have made us ride again so he could try to beat me. Mans ego, a horrible thing to crush! ;)

We walked over to TopFlightGunDeck. In all the years I’ve ridden that ride I have never ridden in the 1st car, no wait, so we rode it. Made like a whole new ride, wow it was fun! With the rail overhead like that it reminded me of Raptor a bit. Fun! I have always liked the ride even though it’s too short. I hear rumors it may be leaving, hope it is nothing but a rumor.At Flight Deck’s entrance and exit, got to watch guests complaining about SOB being closed. I didn’t see any maintenance or any human even near the ride, did think to myself how quickly it would go up if gasoline and a well placed match managed to hit it some how.

Headed to ItalianBackJobStuntCoaster, still a fun little ride. The beginning launch reminds me of Maverick’s 2nd part-didn’t even notice the similarity until today.

We watched the Air Force Drill Corps routine, wow! It was fabulous! :)We rode a few more things here and there before heading to FestHaus for the tattoo contest. We ended up catching the end of the “County Line” show - pretty good from what I saw, very talented singers.

I made the preliminary tattoo pick and I am sure that was only because it was my CP skyline tattoo. When I saw the other tattoos I was competing with I was thinking WTH was I thinking even bothering? The other people had works of art - many full sleeves. I knew I was dead meat when Thomas and his wife were really impressed with this chick who had a Bride of Frankenstein and a Phantom of the Opera tatts. Oh well - I did show them my CP skyline tatt, got a “nice” from them and I walked away knowing there was no way on earth I would win unless Dick Kinzel himself was doing the judging! It was still fun anyway! The grand prize was a gift certificate for another tattoo-what a shocker that was! NOT! ;)

Decided we had done pretty much everything we wanted to, it was toasty warm, park looked packed and lines were way long, so we decided to head home. The parking lot wasn’t full but it was after 5 and people were still coming in.

Despite not having an online 100th DB ride photo, no unlimited pop wrist band, we had a really fun day! KI looked super clean, very red white and blue, despite the relentless humidity-the crews were super, and the 1.5 hour drive home is cake! :)

Lifetime Raptor flights: 2025 :)

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Sunday, June 28, 2009 8:53 PM

And yet KI was deserted today (Sunday), and with the constant breeze it wasn't super hot was definitely the day to go!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009 3:44 PM

Jo, Congrats on get to 100.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009 12:14 PM

Nice TR!

Saturday was UK day at the park, so all students of the University of Kentucky got in for $20...that probably didn't help with the crowds. (Not to mention, it was a Saturday in late June ;))

Did you get a chance to ride Flight of Fear? If so, is it running any better than it was near the beginning of the season?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009 7:00 PM

DantheCoasterman said:
Nice TR!

Did you get a chance to ride Flight of Fear? If so, is it running any better than it was near the beginning of the season?

We did and I haven't noticed any differences between the way it was running at beginning of season to now. Still a blast to me (in front car only) but if you really wanted to hate FOF you could have rode it when the OHSR were still there!! Blech :(


Thursday, July 2, 2009 9:12 PM

Don't worry, it's still one of my favorite rides in the park...I just felt that it was running unusually rough back in April.

And I kind of wish I had gotten the chance to ride FOF back when it had OTSRs. It would only make me appreciate it that much more. :)


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