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Kings Island posted on Twitter yesterday that they are now using the queue tvs (Fun TV) to show ride wait times. I have not been there to confirm but I assume that they show various rides around the park and not just the one you happen to be in line for.

Hopefully this is something that will be rolled out to the other Cedar Fair parks. In the spring they said that Kings Island was the "hub" for the broadcast of all the Fun TV programming for all the Cedar Fair parks. So I guess it makes sense they are testing it out there.

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Great idea. That will help to entice people to choose rides with shorter waits and possibly stay away from rides with longer waits, achieving a great balance between different rides.

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I never understood why more regional parks don't have big boards with wait times for all the "e-ticket" rides ala Disney and Universal. It seems like the added infrastructure is a minimal cost (given that they're already putting wait times at the front of rides) and the better distribution of crowds is a huge win for both guests and operator.

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While in Diamondback's station yesterday, they made reference to calling in to staffing to report the wait time. It sounds like they have a software program that ties into FunTV where they simply plug in the wait time reported by a ride op.

I seem to recall saying YEARS ago...back when they installed QTV the first time...that the combination of Kings Island's layout and the QTV (FunTV) infrastructure was an ideal proving ground for this kind of user-directed queue management.

It's about time they tried it!

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I'd like to see this implemented at Cedar Point. KI is sometimes the test park for new features, so it could very well be implemented at CP next year.


I was at Kings Island last Saturday. It is a great idea. The problem is the times listed are very inaccurate. I was waiting in line to ride Diamondback and the screen says it was a 10 minute wait when it was really one hour. The same thing when it came to the beast it would say a 20 minute wait when it was a 55 minute wait....WTF? It probably will take a little time to get the bugs worked out.

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Kings Island debuting more tech innovation...interactive park maps.

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Wait time signs and interactive maps?

It's CoasterBuzz circa 2007.

Self-congratulations are due for all.

High Five!

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Let's hope the conversation isn't still relevant seven years from now....

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Didn't Epcot have wait time signs 20 years ago?

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