Kings Island Pride Night 2021

I learned last week that Kings Island will indeed be hosting their Pride Night next month. I though C-19 had nixed it for this year, but it seems I was wrong. Im thinking of heading up from Houston just for the event(and to see the Underground Railroad Museum). Anyone else thinking of going? Its actually a great time. The park is shut down except for those with specially purchased tickets. Great way to enjoy coasters with members of the LGBTQIA and friends. Looking forward to see who might be attending. Here is the link if any are interested.

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Are you MAN ENOUGH to ride this ride ?

I’ve went to the Pride night many times and it is a lot of fun.
In the past it was a benefit for the Cincinnati Center which I understand is no more. So what is it for now? Best I can determine it’s a “Pride Event” but I’m not sure why, or who it benefits. Also in the past it’s featured special shows, drag queens and such. Is there entertainment?

I think it's more or less the same people, just a new organization name and without the 'center' property. They run the annual pride parade and events.

I visited this park last year, at the time of Halloween, and I enjoyed it there a lot, it was well decorated for Halloween, I must say it it was a lot of fun there.

Well here we are a year later and Im giving thought of returning there next month. Now that gas prices have dropped below $4.50 and Im not having to take out a loan to fill my truck, I might be able to afford the trip! LOL! I did make it last year and had a blast. Funny thing ? The buddy I went with and another buddy I met are now dating, so theyll be attending as a couple! Awesome! Ill give heads up if Im gonna make it. Either way, I hope you local Buckeyes get to attend the event!

Are you MAN ENOUGH to ride this ride ?

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