Kings Island opening day and construction photos show Tomb Raider, new slingshot

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Opening day photos from Paramount's Kings Island have been posted on PKI The update includes photos of the new Tomb Raider: The Ride, as well as photos of the new slingshot ride going up in place of King Cobra.

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They tore down KC for this?? It's temporary...right!?
You know, the entrance to TR looks brilliant. Wish I could experience it for myself.
Again, the sling shot is not taking the place of the King Cobra. The Sling Shot stands in front of the late coaster. It is no where near the coaster's area. The King Cobra's area is for a "NEW and EXCITING" attraction in 2003. Look at this photo below:

It shows the exact location of the Sling Shot. Notice it is no where near the KC's area.
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Will they add a new coaster? Will it have a movie theme? I'd like to see a German themed coaster or dark ride there since it is near Oktoberfest and with the Indiana Jones-like Adventure Express, they could have a ride themed to Indiana Jones' adventures in Germany (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade).

Also, Tomb Raider was awesome! I was there yesterday. I was very impressed by effects, even leading up to the ride.


im glad SOMEONE was impressed by TR:TR.... i in fact wasn't at all... but then again i know what a top spin can do so...
i think it's a shame that all that theming is for a topspin...
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Please get back to use when you've been on the ride, Madhollander.

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"Again, the sling shot is not taking the place of the King Cobra. The Sling Shot stands in front of the late coaster. It is no where near the coaster's area. The King Cobra's area is for a "NEW and EXCITING" attraction in 2003. "

Dude, you know nothing! The Slig Shot is indeed in the place where King Cobra was that is why have the rde is dismantled

Pkifanatic - Did you not even look at that photo he linked too, because I dont think you did, I think he is 100% right, Look closely and that new slingshot ride is in front of Kind Cobra, it clearly does not stand in the area where King Cobra actually stood. Also I thought that a new ride is taking its place in 2003, and it cant be the slingshot ride, because surely thats going to open very soon, and last time I checked its still 2002 ;)

I still dont know why PKI have gone for another additional charge attraction, At this Rate, PKI will have more attraction that you have to pay for inside than Free Rides you can actually go on.

I do in fact know that the ride IS NOT LOCATED on the exact piece of land that KC once stood because back last month during our training weekends....... the loop for KC was still standing when Construction of Sling Shot was nearky complete. Sling Shot stands on the land that is between the walk way and where the former loop for KC was. I PROMISE YOU!!! KC was still half intact when construction for Sling Shot was nearly complete. I am sure someone can back that up for me.


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I was at the park last Saturday and I, too, was impressed with the entire Tomb Raider experience. Fabulous job, PKI!

Though it does look like the sling shot is in King Cobra's place it is not. The sling shot is right along the walkway between Oktoberfest and Action Zone. King Cobra was set back a ways from that same walkway.

It was strange to see just the camel back and first portions of the lift hill still intact. I'm used to seeing rides being built, not taken down.

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The back-left corner of the concrete platform that the slingshot stands on just barely extends into where King Cobra stood... The land the actual roller coaster stood remains largely clear now. You could hardly say the slingshot has replaced the King Cobra.

As for the roller coaster looking weird coming down... my favorite was when the lift hill still had all of its track but the the turn around at the top was missing. There was a little piece of track still attached to the bottom of the turn around supports. Just kind of hanging there... I found it amusing. Of course anything is amusing when you stare at it for six hours from the Skyflyer booth. *** This post was edited by Willyman on 4/15/2002. ***

I took a pic of King Cobra and Sling Shot on the Days of Thunder side, but I don't think Aaron put that one up with the rest of my opening day photos. I think it gave a pretty clear view of where the SS was compared to the KC lot, but hopefully we'll have more up this weekend and I'll get a better shot.
The slingshot is NOT in the place of King Cobra, period.
If a coaster is indeede taking King Cobra's place, It is a strong possibility that it is a Thrust Air Coaster. I hope this is true because it would put one within a days drive of me instead going all the way to Paramount's Kings Dominion. (Not saying I wouldn't go, just can't get to get to PKD on a more frequent basis.)
Isn't the location of the slingshot the former location of the Witch's Wheel or Orbitor or whatever the heck it's called.


Weren't there previous rumors about PKI getting a Thrust Air or Volcano: Blast Coaster?

I still would like to see a good Oktoberfest themed coaster a la Busch Garden's Alpengeist or Big Bad Wolf!!


You people think you know so much, but in reality you don't know a singel thing.

You are right, we don't know what PKI will be doing, but that is what the discussions are for. But we do know how to spell. Next time you try to piss people off, grab a Webster's.

Was the line for TR a long wait?

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