Kings Island on Father's Day

I'm wondering what the crowds would be like at Kings Island on Father's Day since they're running "bring 4 friends for $15 each" for Gold and Platinum pass holders.

On one hand, Father's Day is usually a family affair and a lot of people would stay home or so to grill and so forth. The crowds should be lighter than usual.

But because of this promotion (and $15 is pretty low... meaning the park feels that the attendance would be far below their expected Sunday average?), would the park be so full?

Weather seems to be hot and sunny as well.

Anyone has any experience? We went to $1 day last year for pizzas, ice creams and stuff -- never again.

It is nearly always a crapshoot with these things. My educated guess is that most people will not be bringing their dads to an amusement park for Father's Day, but it is still a weekend, so you'd still probably run into crowds.

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The answer is always the same. No one knows what a given day is going to be like, ever.

Somehow, people continue to ask.

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The real question is, will your brother fit?

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The best predictor of crowds is the weatherman.

Nonetheless, here's mine: If it's nice, and there's a promotion like that one, KI will be a zoo. It's not like people in Cincy have a baseball team (thanks to the curse of Charlie Hustle).

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It will most certainly be busy. Cheap tickets+great weather+new coaster= madness.

Any day I've ever tried KI on a "bring someone else along for cheap" day the parking lot has been edge to edge with cars.
It stands to reason, though, that the park runs promotions like that when they fear the crowds will be light and Father's Day would be likely be one of those times.

So the real answer is, I don't know.

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Word is that the park is stupid busy today.

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Oddly in my experience at SFoT, on "Bring a friend free" for passholders days (Easter, Memorial Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, July 4th) the park is only moderately crowded. I suspect that the "bring a friend free" is designed to entice people on a day they'd normally not be there because of picnics, outings or other traditional activities.

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Or perhaps, people in Texas just don't have a lot of friends.

Lord Gonchar said it the best: Kings Island was stupid busy today. Seriously. I'm not going back to the park on these days when they run any kind of specials.

Yet we had a lot of fun. We managed to squeeze out 3 rides on Banshee (20-50 minutes wait average), 2 on Diamondback (1 hour wait average), and a few others.

Lost my keys. My first in 2 years and ugh. They didn't find the keys tonight, and my ex drove from Indianapolis (where we live) and brought us the spare keys. Then my aunt lost her iPhone at Firehawk. Thank goodness for Find My iPhone. Had to wait until maybe 10:45 pm before I was able to get into Firehawk station and get the phone.

Banshee continues to delight -- its an amazing invert. Diamondback was running two trains today. Third one apparently had mechanical problems.

Adding seat belts DEFINITELY added an average of 30 seconds to each train. Average today was around 1:50 per train. Last year, the average was between 1:20 to 1:30. Banshee, on the other hand, was hitting it out of the park -- the lines kept moving almost constantly and the trains running full tilt. Impressive.

I'll stick to mid-weekdays from now on except for holidays, and these promotional e-mails from Kings Islands will now serve as a warning rather than enticement for us. :-)

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Marvin Miller said:

They didn't find the keys tonight, and my ex drove from Indianapolis (where we live) and brought us the spare keys.

Interestingly, my ex once drove my spare keys to Indianapolis also. Of course, I was in Minneapolis at the time....

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Isn't Father's Day usually also Gay Day at most amusement parks? That might also contribute to some of the crowd.


"CoasterBuzz - It feels like home" :)

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Daddy Day? ;-)

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

With luck...

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Was there yesterday and today (Wed 18th, thurs 19th) and it was ridiculously *un*crowded. Waited no longer than 12 minutes for anything except the river rapids ride.

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