Kings Island October 7th

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Took advantage of this incredible fall weather and headed to KI. Totally forgot that the park doesn’t open till 11-duh, and naturally hubby and I got there bright and early at 9:20. Didn’t even get into parking lot till after 10, front gate not till 10:40 :(

Our ACE walk back was to Face Off, actually not such a disappointment for us since hubby has never been on and I haven’t been in forever. We rode in the back (which was then the front) and even got a reride. I had forgotten how much fun that ride can be, really got my tummy and it really isn’t too bad a head banger either. Way better then Thunderhawk.

Headed to Firehawk before gates to GP opened. ACE’ers Adam and Mark were already in line so we managed to be the the 1st riders on the 1st train of the day. It is amazing how just because of the change of terrain how fun X-oops…Firehawk is now.

We ended up hanging out with Adam and Mark all day which really made it more of an enjoyable day for us. KI looks awesome with all the Halloween Haunt stuff, you could see a lot of CF touches here and there and there were many displays that were hilarious! As a long time KI fan I saw lots of pieces from the Phantom Theater. Adam and Mark knew what I was talking about, my hubby never got to visit the Phantom Theater before it was history. I took tons of pictures of the displays, many just to show my kids the Phantom Opera characters, they remember that ride as well as I do!

ALL the rides were a walk on, the only reason we had a wait on any ride is because we waited for specific rows. Literally in less than 3 hours we rode Face Off, Firehawk, FOF, Italian Job, The Beast, Vortex, the Fun House virtual ride, Racer, Adventure Express, Top Gun, and SOB and we were done. We did a lot of walking and talking (I am sure Cedar Fair’s ears were ringing!) then hit up a couple of the stores for their Paramount discounted stuff. We ended up buying 4 (real nice) Paramount KI polo shirts for 10.00. That’s right, they were 2 for $5.00! They also had TONS of assorted PKI t-shirts, hats, other small stuff that it was $20.00 for all you could fit in a bag.

I can only imagine the weather kept some people away cause it was HOT. No lie it felt like a mid July day! I will admit though, I would rather have it like that then cold and ucky. By mid November people will wish it was that warm and sunny again. The only bad thing is with weather like that younger kids get moody real quick, I could NOT believe how many kids I saw totally misbehaving and their parents just trying to pacify them. I saw one Mom hit her kid and her kid hit her back! WTH? I can’t fathom the lack of respect kids have for their parents/elders now a days. It is truly distressing :(

KI was spotless, the employees were all pretty nice, all rides seemed to be running just fine.

We all hit up Starbucks and around 3 we called it a day. Being home by 5 was awesome, what a cake drive compared to CP :)
Our thanks to Adam and Mark for helping make our day so much more fun! We will see you again on the 31st to close up the park for the season! :)

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Also went today Jo. Was very nice to walk on everything from Drop Zone to FOF. Firehawk was about a 20 minute wait. Marathoned Beast about 4pm and just had fun. It was also nice to see the dropped the prices on some things since my spring visit.

Still a 90 degree oct day in the past would have had 25,000 in the park. Im guessing it was about 7,000 tops.


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