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The drive to KI is just cake for us, not having to leave the house at the crack of dawn is awesome. Hubby and I stopped at McD's in Mason and when we were heading back to truck we heard the DB horn blow. Wow-knew it was loud but didn't figure it was THAT loud! We arrived at KI shortly before opening. I was sporting one of my DB t-shirts where I had added bling to the tracks. Many people commented on the shirt. I thought it looked rather cool myself!

It was apparent today was "forget you cant fit into those shorts or that bathing suit top-wear it anyway" day. Yikes!! Let me just say that my daughters would NEVER, EVER walk around any park looking the way some of these females do. I wouldnt have let them out of the house to begin with, and my daughters both have a sense of pride. How can some of the female guests think that a huge bare muffin top is attractive?
Just when you think it can't possibly get any worse was a girl on Beast who was so fat we thought for a minute she was preggy, and if her front wasn't bad enough when she turned around you could literally hear her shorts screaming to help them. Yes, I am totally sure she was getting all sorts of attention all day but does she know NO one was looking at her in "aw" it was more like "ewww"!! Also let me also say here that alittle cleavage is ok too but NOT if it hangs to your belly button. Again, I totally understand a female wanting to look nice, but there is a fine line between nice and holy c! Even women my age were shocking me all day! I go far and beyond to hide my muffin top-maybe I am wrong???? ;)
Ok-off the Mommy and fashion patrol rant....

Once gates opened we headed for DB where we managed 3 rides. Once GP came into park, we headed to the Beast for a nice morning ride (front car of course). Headed to FOF (praying the a/c was on because by noon it was getting quite toasty) a/c on-but the corney film wasnt. But, the various background noises during the film was, the shot of the queues were, and the aliens talking at the end was-without anything on the tvs. I know many think that whole film thing is a waste of time and many of us know it by heart but I always kind of enjoyed it. That one goofy guy that looks like Paulie Shore always cracked me up. It was always a great time killer to me and explained to the people on line kind of what the whole thing was. 2 people behind us asked me what the ride was, and even fell for the "look-we have that whole other side to walk thru yet" seeing the reflection in the mirror. I explained it and told them to wait till they hear and see the coaster. We got to enjoy their faces when they finally got to the platform and saw the train take off. Classic! :)
I swear I want to get into that queue and do some serious cleaning. There is so much dust and stuff all over all that ship and stuff, blech. I am terrified CF will allow FOF to end up the disaster we call DT at CP.

Scariest moment in the park was when some girl with a white mohawk, a huge ring thru her nose and those white contacts grabbed me and said "I was the one last year who took a picture of your tattoo and just have to lyk how much I love it" The funny thing is I did remember clue how! ;)

Eventually met up with one of our CP buds Ben who finally got to ride DB, needless to say he LOVED it. By the time we caught up with him at DB it went down. Hubby and I were on the platform getting ready to be assigned our row and Ben was actually on the train they had to unload because ride down. Turned out to be the block brake sensor, we were down for maybe 45 minutes. No big deal to us but many were whining, and eventually tons of them left the line, but we stayed, and even managed to get into the 1st row due to the ops were trying to get everyone on the steps on the platform into the shade.
Kudos to the crews at this point-one op was playing KI trivia with the guests on the platform, the others were hanging out with the other 2 trains stuck on runways, even getting water to them. Eventually they got the trains got back into stations and cleared out and DB up and running just peachy. I didnt know hubby had never ridden in the front before (he's only been on ride a few times) and he really liked the front. After that ride we jumped back on again a couple times, this time with Ben and Brian. Can NOT get sick of that ride!

Us 4 then leasurely took on the rest of the park. We had lunch at LaRosas and were forced against our wills to ride SOB so Ben could get the coaster count. Even on line we were complaining to Ben about forcing us to ride. We made sure we were in the front car, Ben and Brian in front and hubby and I behind them. It didnt take long for Ben to realize he had made a horrible mistake - I was screaming at him "I hate you" during some of the ride and my hubby smacked him a couple of times. But---we had preplanned to make painful faces for the photo and ended up with one of the funniest on ride photos I had EVER seen. Literally I was laughing so hard when I 1st saw it I cried :)
Man that ride still stinks, makes Mean Streak seem smooth!

We rode more rides here and there and eventually Hubby, Ben (who was heading to HW today) and I departed the park (Brian stayed for fireworks) around 8:30ish and headed to Perkins for a late dinner.
We have eaten at Perkins before for breakfast and it hasnt been too bad but OMG the waitress we had was SOOO slow she was horrid. Then she kept forgetting our drinks, the list goes on and on. No, it wasnt crowded, but you'd think it was a full house with the service we got. Ben and hubby wanted to go to Waffle House (the gas station bathroom that serves waffles - lol) I overrode that choice, and I am sure when we saw the disaster service we got at Perkins both men were not happy with me. My bad! :(

All in all a wonderful day at KI. Full of laughs and great memories. Hubby and I were planning on going to CP today but decided that 2.75 hour drive after spending 12 hours at KI just didn't seem all that appealing to us. Besides, we've got DB right in our backyard!
Whoops--did I say that out loud??? ;)
11 more rides and I get 100! :)

Thanks to Ben and Brian for a great time, thanks to all the crews working so hard on such a hot day and a special thanks to the DB crew who as always was kicking major butt getting trains in and out and getting intervals about every single time!! You guys totally rock!! :)


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Great trip report!
I really like Diamondback too. It always seems like KI has its fair share of people who have very bad taste in what they wear to the park.

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KYJoe said:
It always seems like KI has its fair share of people who have very bad taste in what they wear to the park.

You never see this issue at Holiday World. Could it be the crowd there is more respectful or because something would be said to someone dressed inappropriately?


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