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This is my first attempt at a trip report and only my first post on the forums. I hope it's worth a read! :d

I do not have the track record that many of you have. In fact, the only large amusement park I've ever been to is Kings Island, as I only live an hour and a half away. I went for the first time in a long time at the end of last year, but I have considered myself a rollercoaster enthusiast ever since, even though that trip was utterly miserable for me. I'd had--literally--no sleep, I had a horrible cold, I threw up before leaving, and the weather was cold and windy. But enough about that.

I'd tried to plan several trips to Kings Island thus far this year, but I'd had no luck actually making it to the park. When I was invited to go with a friend of mine, her son, her sister, sister's mom, and sister's kids, I was rather excited, except for the fact that her sister, her sister's kids, and her sister's mom were going. I was a little worried about the time we were going, being the day after the 4th, but who am I to contest the timing?

I was told I needed to be at the meeting location at 7:30, because we wanted to leave at 8. So I went to bed a little early, but I'd still only gotten 3 hours sleep. I arrived on time, but we didn't end up leaving until 9. I was pissed. I could have slept more and would not have needed to get up at 6 a.m.

We arrived at the park at approximately 10:45, and after a quick bathroom break, we were in the park at around 11.

The weather for the day was almost perfect. A little chilly in the morning, perfect during the day and, again, a little chilly in the evening. Certainly nothing a hoodie couldn't handle!

The crowds were surprisingly small, in my opinion. I'd read some trip reports of it being rather busy that day, but I didn't see it. We never had to wait more than thirty minutes for any single ride. We got several walk-ons on some of the coasters and only a two or three train wait on most others.

It was my friend's, who we will call Kay, son's, who we'll call Tristan, first time on a rollercoaster. My first ever rollercoaster was Top Gun, so I wanted him to experience that ride first. Kay agreed that it'd be a good first coaster, after I explained what it was, because she had never been on it, although she had ridden the now-defunct Bat.

After a short wait, we boarded for our first ride of the day! I am always a little nervous on my first ride of the day, especially after a fairly long time since riding a coaster, but that nervousness quickly turned to excitement. The ride begins and it's fun as usually. A little short, yes, but still a fun ride. There seem to be a lot of positive forces on this ride, but I don't think I necessarily have enough experience to say that is more forceful than many rides. Tristan loved the coaster and was hooked immediately. We only had that one ride that day.

Our next ride was Son of Beast. Now I'd heard very few positive things about this ride, but I still wanted an opportunity to ride it, since it was closed at my last visit and I wouldn't have ridden it anyway. After a short wait, the first thing I noticed once I boarded that the trains, and especially the restraint system, SUCK. Your feet are raised a bit. My legs were hurting a bit before even leaving the station. I feel bad for taller people, since I'm only approximately 5'7" and my legs were very uncomfortable from the get-go.

The ride itself was okay. I did not find it overly rough, but it certainly wasn't smooth. Thankfully, I utilized the advice I've read over and over that you should not sit over a wheel, so perhaps that's why it wasn't so bad. I enjoyed it.

That was my first hypercoaster!

Our next ride, I think, was Action FX Theater. They were only running Spongebob 3d. I'd never seen the cartoon, but I didn't care. I also didn't know exactly what to expect, as I'd never ridden this, either. But the ride was rather cool. I enjoyed it! It was far more forceful than what I was expecting, and you definitely bounce around a bit, but it was pretty fun. Kay got nauseated.

Our next ride, I believe, was Vortex. I'd also never ridden this coaster. After a short ride, we were on. One of the kids we were with flat-out refused to ride. His mom was lying to him and trying to tell him there were only "two flips." She was also trying to bribe him. This is unacceptable! The kid doesn't want to ride. He walked up the queue with us while he still contemplated riding. He told us he didn't want to, so he got off. It was Kay, Tristand and myself. I didn't expect this ride to be so rough, but it was. I found it more painful than SOB. Kay developed a bit of a headache after hitting her jaw on the over the shoulder restraints. She had to take a break for a little while.

Our first ride on The Beast for the day. What an awesome ride.

Now we were off to Tomb Raider: The Ride. I'd ridden this last year for the first time, so I did know what to expect. Two of the people we with blatantly jumped through the line, so they immediately get deducted 500,000 points! That was incredibly rude and I wanted to apologize to the group of the girls behind so bad. I kind of acted like I'd no idea who they were.

The wait was approximately 30 minutes, but I think it could have been considerably shorter. It seemed that the crew was very inefficient, because we stood in the room where you watch the video for a good ten minutes. We were also only two cycles away when we first entered the queue. Damn them!

Last year I rode in row 2, but this year we were selected for the first row. The first thing I noticed after boarding is that the Huss designers are sadistic as hell. This thing was not designed for males to ride, or something, because I could've sworn that castration would occur at any moment. The ride also seemed much rougher than last year, and I thought I'd broken my hip when we were hanging upside down. Either way, I don't like this ride very much anymore.

On to Avatar. This was new for this year and I'd read lots of good reviews of it. Kay decided not to ride and, instead, took a nap in the stroller that her sister got for one of her kids ($13!!!). The line moved fairly quickly. I got one of the end seats in the second row. The same lady who line jumped for Tomb Raider: The Ride gets another 500,000,000 points taken away for SMOKING IN THE QUEUE. I was hoping she'd get kicked out of the park. She eventually put it out. How inconsiderate can you be, lady? It's a kids ride!

This is a great little ride! It's rather disorienting, but many of the sensations are similar to a viking ship. I looked down, since one of the kids was a bit scared. When I looked up, I was like "Where am I." Great little ride, though!

We decided to take a break. When we reentered the park, Kay, Tristan and I decided that we'd split off from the other group, because they were pissing us off.

We decided to grab a ride on Adventure Express. We waited a train or two for the front row. While rough, this is a fun little ride! It packs a bit of a punch. After the ride, we immdiately jumped back in line for a ride in the back. We determined that it's a little less rough in the back and also on the left-hand side of the train, although this is solely our opinion. :D

We asked the operator if we could ride once more without having to walk around and he allowed us. A lot of people were taking rerides. Not only were the lines for this ride very short, but it was running three large trains, so there was no wait. Sure, this is no Beast, Son of Beast, etc., but it's still a fun a little ride. We took a fourth ride later in the day with a couple of the other kids.

Our next ride was The Racers. We actually rode "recaR." I think in the first drop a lone I broke my hip, floating rib, and fractured several vertebrae in my neck! Holy Jesus! That hurt. Oh well.

We headed towards Flight of Fear. This would be Tristan's first launched coaster and Karen's first ride on it as well. The wait was approximately 30 minutes. Thankfully, the ride operator was stuff his face while controlling the ride. We wouldn't want him to go hungry.

I'm not a fan of launched rides, but I'd ridden this one several times in the past, including last year. The launch was fine, but the rest of the ride seems so rough. I don't remember it being that rough last year? I'm so glad they removed the over the shoulder restraints. I think I would have quickly developed an aneurysm and it would have burst during the course of the ride. I remember the headache I experienced from those restraints--we had to leave the park we were so ill!

It was okay, other than the roughness. They enjoyed it as well.

We headed towards Delirium. This was closed last year during my visit as well. I'd read many, many positive things about this ride. I knew we had to try to get a ride. Kay was going to sit out, but she eventually did ride.

Loading times are very long for it, but we still only had to wait approximately 20-30 minutes. I was a little nervous, but I was excited. I was told how "easy" it was and that it was really fun. I cannot disagree with those statements. However, some of the fun was eliminated by my own conscious. I could not help but think, at the apex of each swing, how many mechanical malfunctions could occur right now and send toward the Eiffel Tower--or SOB--, where we'd quickly go splat! Not a bad ride, though, but not what I expected. This ride is also not for males.

Tristan and myself decided to get a second ride on the Beast. This is still an awesome ride.

We got up with the others and took another ride on Adventure Express. Then, we headed toward Italian Job. I had the opportunity to ride this last year. Even though I was delirious by that point, I loved the ride. I was expecting the same sentiments this year by everyone.

The line wasn't very long. About 20 minutes. This launch is easy and fun and the helixes contain some positive forces. The second launch was fun as well. Everyone loved this ride. I love this ride as well. It's incredibly short and I wish they would have been able to fit some more elements in it, but it's still very fun. Great family ride!

Kay, Tristan and I headed for a night ride on The Beast. It was now approximately 9:30 and we had been waiting for this all day. This was the only ride we wanted. I'd heard how awesome night rides are on the beast, but I'd never had the opportunity to take one. I was thinking that we may be able to see the fireworks from the ride, but that didn't turn out. We were a little anxious that they may shut down the queue, but we were able to make it in. After a short ride, we boarded.

I ended up sitting in the last row of one of the cars somwhere in the middle of the train. Kay and Tristan rode together, so I was alone. We made our way up the lift and eventually took that plunge. It all seemed so fast-paced--seemingly much faster than our previous rides. But this ride also incorporated another element: extreme roughness. I don't know if it was where I was sitting--on the wheel--or what, but it hurt. I seriously could feel my heart bouncing around in my chest. We got ot the second lift, which is my favorite part, of course, and then started the finale. I swear I was having heart palpitations! It was so rough.

I still had a blast on it, though. I loved the night ride. My favorite part of the whole coaster is after the second hill, you start making your way down the banked turn towards the helixes. You pick up speed rather slowly until you reach this one point--presumably where the back of the coaster finally makes it over the lift--and you just start hauling ass right on down. That is awesome and cannot be forgotten.

Our day was almost done. They all wanted to wait for the fireworks, so we did. I didn't expect much, nor did I receive much. They were approximately five minutes long and the finale consisted of, I think, three large fireworks. I don't know if they are usually of this calibre, or if it was because they had just had their July 4th celebration, but it wasn't worth staying for. Of course, I wouldn't expect them to put on a 30 minute show each evening.

It was time to drive home. I was EXHAUSTED and I had not really eaten all day. So first, we got lost. We eventually found our way to a pizza place and ordered some pizza. We waited about 20 minutes for it to be done. We went to my car and ate it. Now it was time to begin the trek home. I am truly shocked that I did not kill us all! I could barely keep my eyes open. Eventually, we entered Washington Court House and stopped at the Walmart. I purchased an energy drink. We stopped at McDonalds for Kay to get a coffee. That whole experience, while too long to write here, provided us with far more entertainment than we needed to get home. The coffee and energy drink became useless!

I hope you enjoyed. I apologize for the length and fragmentation. I'm not usually very good at writing this kind of stuff, because my mind moves at three thousand thoughts per second, but I hope you enjoyed it!
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Nice trip report, glad you had a good time. I guess you got lucky to ride Son of Beast, and it's interesting how varied the opinions of the ride are. I personally haven't ridden it because it was closed when I went to the park.

I felt the same way about Flight of Fear with the over-the-should restraints, I got off so sick because I couldn't keep my head from bashing into them the whole ride. I must have ridden Vortex on a better day, as it was smooth when I visited.

I would have loved a night Beast ride but I went with a group and we just had to leave and go to Wendy's...

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Nice trip report, im going to PKI in 2 weeks, and it will be my first visit since 2001 so im looking foward to it. I remember I got a night ride on Beast and it was just too awsome for is a shame what happened to SOB though, because while I do remember it being rough, I also remember enjoying it.

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