Kings Island installs new sign, ride name changes on the way

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Kings Island's old sign with the Paramount name and logo was removed last November. The new sign was installed at the beginning of January. Other signs are changing at the park, too. The Paramount-themed attractions such as Tomb Raider: The Ride, Top Gun, Face/Off, and Italian Job: Stunt Track will have new names and signs this season. The new names will be announced when all of the names have been finalized.

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So I guess we're waiting for Face/Off's new name to be finalized? I'll be stunned if the others get different names than those at other parks.
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If they even use "Flight Deck" I'm going to be annoyed and call out the P&D people for being lame.
"Flight Deck" deserves a harsher title than "lame." "uber-lame?"
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"Iron Dragon" is always available as a name for a Cedar Fair owned Arrow suspended :)

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Iron Dragon would imply that Top Gun is lame, which it is far from.
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Top Gun isn't lame. But, they can't use it.
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Suspended Deck?

~Rob Willi

They should rename it Centipede. :)


How about "the Flying Coaster"?
They could put a loop on it and call it "Son of a Gun".

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^One of the most creative/funny comments I've seen on here in a while! I like it; I say they use it.
I guess I'm a sucker, but, Flight Deck doesn't seem that bad to me. "Power Tower" ain't exactly bursting with excitement.

Son of a Gun though....nice.

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I second "Son of a Gun."
It's bursting with power, wahoo. Flight Deck is just a hair better than a regular deck.

Power Flight Deck?

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How about instead of Face Off, they call it Face Lift and put a picture of Joan Rivers by the entrance. That would be one scary ride.....
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How about naming it Invertigo? ;)
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I think someone in the forum thread mentioned this, but I don't see why they don't keep the Top Gun name. Face/Off, too, for that matter. These terms are certainly not exclusive to Paramount. You'd have to change the fonts and take the slash out of Face/Off, but why change when top gun was originally a military term, and more people relate a face off to hockey than a forgotten movie.
How about X-Flight?
Step-Brother of the Beast

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