Kings Island Inn closed forever

For anybody that cares, Kings Island Inn has closed for good. There is no word on what will happen to the property when it gets demolished in the near future. I never stayed there and it looked pretty run down so it doesn't seem to be much of a loss. I will be curious to see what becomes of the land.

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I noticed this year that the movie theater is now a church. How long has that been the case? Seems like that land would be more valuable as something else, but I suppose the seasonal nature of the area doesn't help.

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The church moved in last year sometime. I'm not sure how long the theater was closed before they moved in.

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I stayed at the Kings Island Inn twice. Once, years ago, with my mother on one of our trips. And in 2007, during ACE's Coaster Con. It was a nice enough hotel, with pools and tennis courts.

I can't help but think that the Great Wolf Lodge -- closer to the park, with a broader assortment of entertainment options -- proved to be more appealing than the "old school" Kings Island Inn.

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I am not surprised. What was once a really nice place to stay has become nothing but a dump. I've been hearing horror stories about it for years now, not counting the ones on Trip Advisor. With so much (nicer) competition in the immediate area, I am surprised it didn't shut down sooner.

We stayed there a few times when I was a kid. Back then it lived up to it's reputation of being a true "resort." :)

I was a little surprised about the movie theater, though. That place always seemed packed.


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I stayed there a few years ago, for an event or something (Ride Warriors?) and it was ok. The room was a little run down, but I didn't feel like it was dirty or unsafe. The best thing was that it was "on property" and I wasn't paying Great Wolf rates for something I didn't need.

The last time I was in there was last spring when I went to visit our Travis who was staying there. It seemed about the same.

I feel a little sad about this, though. It was the original KI hotel, there since the first day, and was featured on the tv shows that shot there. I remember for a number of years they featured on a lobby wall a huge reproduction of the original, premier park map which was always fun to see.

That cineplex was built in the 90's, as Showcase Cinema, a popular Cincinnati movie chain. In the end it was a Rave and closed in 2011. While Mason and surrounding communities have grown by leaps and bounds, and can support a movie complex year round, I'd guess the residents just don't cross the freeway for much. The movies may have done well during KI's season, but probably not as a year round attraction.

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As an out-of-towner, I have to admit that I see the value in Great Wolf Lodge. (Disclaimer: my wife was on the ask-a-mom panel for awhile back in 2012-2013.) While I think the on-property dining is a little pricey for what it is, I find the rooms to be comfortable and large, the water parks fantastic (especially the Cincy location) and the general up-keep to be solid. In the case of that particular location though, I can justify the cost because of the KI proximity. We stayed there twice last year and I really value convenience.

All of that said, the Inn was never even on my radar, mostly because of the appearance.

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This doesn't surprise me, after staying there for Banshee Media Day/Opening Day. While my room was clean, it seems like nothing changed since the last time staying there 10 years ago. It's a shame what once was a nice place to stay near the park, it had the potential to continue to be a great lodging choice if the owners would've invested back into the property.

Any word if the land is up for sale or has been sold? It's a great location for redevelopment.

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I stayed there regularly. I know it as "The Kings Island Resort and Conference Center." My only problem with the place was that the wood furniture was chipped sometimes. The rooms were large for the price, and the hotel had a hot tub, indoor pool, and I think an outdoor pool, along with an arcade and some pretty grounds.

Plus, the rates were pretty good. Off-season rooms were about $70 or $80 a night.

A person could definitely find a lot worse in the Kings Island area, that's for sure. I always felt comfortable and safe there, and if it closes for good, I will miss it.

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I stayed there once with family under the Paramount era. I was in no hurry to stay there again. I think it ranked about the same as the Motel 6 I stayed at near Cedar Point. Left a lot to be desired.

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I'm not a snob when it comes to Motels. I actually didn't mind staying at the now-closed Motel 6 one exit south of the park. It was like $30 a night, and smelled like the attached Thai restaurant. It was very close to a Steak n' Shake and Skyline Chili. It was clean, but old. When it closed, I found The Kings Island Resort and Conference Center.

Where am I going to stay now? lol

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Just don't be one of those enthusiasts who sleeps in his car.

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It may be nicer than a $30 room. I'm gonna allow it.

I would definitely camp in a tent in all manner of weather before paying less than $50 for a hotel room. And I don't consider myself a hotel snob at all.

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Over the last few years I became a hotel snob. So get off my lawn.

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I'm not a hotel snob necessarily, it's just that I'm not a hotel egalitarian.

I don't need the best, but I'm not going to pretend the worst is good enough.

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My idea of camping is a cabin at Fort Wilderness: beds, a shower, and housekeeping comes round every day to make the beds, clean the kitchen, clean the grill and make adorable towel animals.

Sorry, I need my creature comforts.

That said, what I need out of a hotel/motel room is a place to be unconscious for eight hours, shower and be on my way.

Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep.
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Jeff said:

Just don't be one of those enthusiasts who sleeps in his car.

I often sleep in the back of my Pickup Truck!

Answer my Prayers, Overbook my next Flight!

bigboy, you're in luck. I hear there's a campground near Kings Island with some rather unique entertainment!

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My aunt has a tent that is designed especially to be pitched onto the back of her pickup truck. It's actually really nice.

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