Kings Island Extinct Dino's!

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Kings Island has recently announced the removal of Dinosaurs Alive. What do you predict will take its place and when?

There are some pictures of recent demolition at KI that show the old Potato Works and Attitudes shop in rubble. Right behind (in front of?) that is Tower Gardens. Someone on Facebook says he knows (through "work" <?) that a giga is coming.
I say not there, for the obvious reasons. (space). I think for 2018 the antique cars will make a return to Coney with the station on the midway where those buildings were and the path of the ride going through the Gardens. It would be a nice ride, a picturesque spot next to the carousel, and a nice winding path is already layed out. That area has been a non-attraction since the Paramount years, except the best-ever smoking area, and that keeps a lot of patrons from even cutting through. It's pretty much gone to seed.

As for Dinos, good riddance. Before they arrived a similar path through the woods was used as an outdoor haunt. And they just may use that location to do a year long prep for the long-awaited giga. The station or plaza could be built along the Mall where the Dinos and Flight Commander were, (Once again, for years, unused prime space) and the coaster would have miles of property behind it to travel. It would then arrive as the new attraction for 19. That might further make sense, as it would be an off year for a large attraction or new ride at Cedar Point what with Steel Vengeance coming in 18.

These thoughts are strictly my own- the Lemon Chill guy and I broke up years ago.

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So... no more lemon parties RCMAC?

And no more tightie whitie parties, either.

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Hmrapp said:
What do you predict will take its place and when?

Ideally, something asteroid-themed.

The trick was to surrender to the flow.

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RCMAC said:

the long-awaited giga.

Love the casual matter-of-factness.

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Sorry, I meant the long-awaited, prayed for, much deserved, expected, and absolutely coming to town giga.

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Whats this? The dinosaurs trail is closing, and there is speculation of an antique car ride? If only there was some sort of paved, winding, picturesque path that could be used.

Right... but that's one long path, would be hard to monitor, and it's a little steep for a car ride.

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I love how the "lemon chill guy" only knows when gigas or larger or coming. He never seems to predict that an expansion to the kiddie section or a single flat ride is next.

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That's a good part of the reason why we broke up.

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I've heard that's hard to do.

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Why does it have to be replaced with anything? Why can't the dinosaurs just be broken and need to be retired?

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You know what this will mean. Kings Island fanboys running around forums for the next year or two, thanking the almighty coaster gods.

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I'm pretty sure the dinos at KI are the last "successful" new attraction made by the Kinzel regime. The next year they rolled it out to many other parks with seemingly less success.

We went through the KI dinos back in June, it was very not crowded, as expected. The most logical explanation to me is that the upkeep of the dinos, and the hourly wages of the employees needed to staff it (approximately 3-4), now surpass the profit being made. I will be very surprised if the area is reused for anything more than a Halloween attraction in 2018.

I do think (and hope) that a Gigacoaster will be the next major addition to Kings Island, but I think that is going to happen in 2021 at the earliest.

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Well Cedar Point celebrates its' 150th Season in 2019; and its' 150th anniversary in 2020. So it's possible Cedar Fair celebrates 1 or both, by not investing in the other parks with anything major that would overshadow those important milestones.

With those assumptions; a giga wouldn't come to KI till 2021. Ouch. And no real improvements till then; so the antique cars theory might be spot on. And with the expenditure on Mystic Timbers, a major capital investment for a Giga (20-25 million), would definitely be off in the future, 2019-20 would seem a bit soon after Mystic Timers to make that investment.

My hope is that with CP's 150; they celebrate "chain wide", and 2019 or 2020 delivers a giga to KI.

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Cedar Point’s 150th and what KI add have zero to do with each other.

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But Kings Island deserves it!

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California's Great America 2019: we're not adding anything because a park thousands of miles away is 150 years old! Yay!

Cedar Fair will invest in all its parks (except, of course, MiA -- hi TR) as appropriate for each of their markets. A chain wide celebration of CP's 150th strikes me as unlikely; CP has little relevance to guests visiting parks in California or the Carolinas.

Though they could, I suppose, spin it out as the 150th anniversary of the company.

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I'd be happy if they would just put bathrooms over in X Base.

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