Kings Island Education Days

I hate to ask a crowd question, but ...

I'm going to be heading through Cincinnati next Tuesday 5/17 for business with most of the day to kill, and thought it would be a perfect time to hit KI solo if the weather cooperates. This early in the year I figured kids are still in school, so the park would be dead and walk ons for everything. However, it's an Education Day - so I was wondering if anyone has ever been at the park on one of these days?

I'm now assuming there will kids running wild, and there will be long lines for everything. My question is: Do they all have to catch the bus home at the end of the school day? Does the park run all the rides, or just a limited schedule on these days (I'll call and ask this one)?

The park is open until 8, so I was thinking of getting there around 2 - hopefully when the kids are getting ready to leave.

I haven't checked their operating schedule, but is KI even open this day?!?

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I read in a recent thread that the crowds are light during Education Fridays, especially after the kiddies get back on their school buses and go home.

Thanks Travis - I guess if I make it, I'll just have to go in with my fingers crossed. Hopefully, the kids have to catch the bus home at the end of the school day, and the park clears out in the late afternoon.

I don't have a platinum pass, and only make to one or two parks a year, so I'd really hate to waste the money on a park packed with teenagers, long lines, and limited ride operations.

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I get to go to a few more parks than that per year, but I feel the same way. That's why I always hate to hear that a park has more than one or two rides closed in a day. If something is closed, I'm probably not going to be able to get back in the season to ride it.

I went to KI on Friday, one of those Ed days, and it wasn't bad at all. Lots of school busses, of course, but the lines for the rides weren't long. I suppose it depends on how many schools are scheduled for a particular day, which is something we'd never know, but over all I recommend it. Having a season pass was an advantage as the Beast and Diamondback were the early rides at 9:30, and since most of the guests that day were not passholders, we had the rides to ourselves. I didn't stay 'til evening, but you can bet those busses start rollin out around dinner time. They close at 8 that night.

Most of the rides operated that day, even the smaller flats. (I wouldn't look for Windseeker or Action Theater by tuesday, but they ain't sayin nothin about just when...) Adventure Express was closed when I went by and Zephyr (Wave Swinger) was down all day I think.

I say do it.

I will assume "Education Days" are the science angle to the "Music in the Parks" that canter around the music department folks.

My advice is to get there early...assume that 12 Pm - 5 PM will be busy...and then the yellow tanks (School buses) have to get their cargo home!

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

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Their "precious" cargo, Richie... "Precious" cargo. lol

LostKause said:
Their "precious" cargo, Richie... "Precious" cargo. lol

You mean the mannequins, right? (that's for anyone who watched the Simpsons last night...which, incidentally had a roller-coaster gag, too..Homer flew the Duff blimp through a loop while a coaster train was navigating it)

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

Thanks to everyone for all your help. Unfortunately, it looks like all this is a moot point. I'm stuck at the office until about noon today, so won't be heading through Cincinnati until at least 4:00 (besides, 50 degrees and rain doesn't make for the best trip anyway).

On the bright side, it was just going to be a stop on my way to Louisville then Knoxville. I should be able to make my first trip to Dollywood later this week!

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