Kings Island crowds on a Saturday

I'm planning a trip to CP from St.Paul arriving for Halloweekends Friday night.
I was thinking of suggesting heading down to KI for their event on Saturday, especially since they are open until 1am, does anyone know if it gets as crazy busy as CP on a Halloween Saturday?
Also is ride availability limited?

Any tips would be helpful.


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As I'm sure you saw, KI has a separate ticket for Halloween Haunt. Friday night is Haunt-only starting at 5 for 20 bucks on line or 35 at the gate. After 5 on Saturday is 26 bucks on line or 35 at the gate. All day Saturday is 48 bucks. Plus season passholders get in, too.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say Saturdays at KI will be slammin busy, esp if the weather is good. Football Friday nights are the best bet for any haunts, but it sounds like you've got it covered at CP.

The website states that most (all) major rides will be open during Haunt. So I would count on the coasters, Delirium, and Drop Tower- not the flats, water rides, and certainly not the kids rides.

Even International Street sounds fair game for some scares, so KI's event will be more all-encompassing than it's been in the past, and hard to avoid if you're not a fan of frights. I enjoy CP's Halloweekends because at least you can hang out in plenty of well lit areas and not be bothered by those pesky monsters.

Sure is busy, though.

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Make sure to catch a ride on Delerium in the fog; it's a blast!

And yes, Saturdays are absolutely crazy, but it's fun.

Thanks. I was hoping to hear that KI wasn't as busy as CP on Saturdays but it's good to know what I should expect.

Thanks again for the info.

^^Actually, Saturday's during the day in Oct is nothing like CP during the day!!

It's not dead, but not crazy and more like an average/moderately busy KI day on like a Saturday in early June or Sunday in July/Aug.

At night it is very busy, however.

Go there on a Saturday and you'll find out why the Locals call it "Kings Lineland"! ;)

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KI crowds for the Halloween events suck. The park is crammed with people. The only good thing about the Halloween event is that the lines for most of the major ride attractions are short. I've had many rides on the Beast during the Halloween events.

The other thing that sucks about the Halloween event, is that most of the walk ways around the park are heavily restricted once the Halloween events take place. If you look at a park map, KI is mapped out like a giant traffic circle, using the Eiffel Tower as its center piece. Those access areas are blocked off and make for a rotten time navigating the park at night.

KI Halloween events are far more congested than CP Halloween events. Also, KI events are a bit more intense than the CP events.

Oh yeah....I sure as hell would not pay extra for the haunts at KI.

BTW...if you are going to CP to ride the collection of killer it on Sunday. The Sunday crowds are very sparse and the indoor haunts are still open. I have never waited more than 40 mins for any of the major attractions at CP on Sundays in May, Sept, or Oct.

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Flight Deck as well as Kiddie Land are closed during Haunt hours. Those are the only two attractions I'm aware of that are closed.

Ah, Working SOB from 9am until 2am this fall will be fun..


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